Hello Wrappers!

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052615 WG Designer, Heather Pulvirenti, has a fresh and summery gift wrap idea. She takes the basic, yet beautifully versatile, Glassine Bag and creates a fresh and whimsical heat embossed design. Use this as a gift bag or an envelope to a hand made card. Take a look at the intricate detail …


Here’s what Heather used. Please be sure to see her blog at Witty Title Here… to learn more about her heat embossing technique as well as her other gift giving ideas!

Glassine Bag
Floral Stamp
Versamark Ink
White Embossing Powder
White Cardstock
Yellow Cardstock
Patterned Paper
Enamel Dots

Memorial Day Weekend Inspiration

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Hello friends!

Happy weekend! We’re here with some creative inspiration to kick off your awesome DIY weekend with some of our favorite inspirational quotes and images* from around the web. Need some mid-week inspiration? There are always tons of ideas here on the Whisker Graphics blog or on our Pinterest boards.

And now, without further delay – your weekend inspiration!

Are you able to explain just how it is you're able to be creative?

Are you able to explain just how it is you’re able to be creative?

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Stars and Stripes Snack Bags

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With Memorial Day on the horizon, Dawn Smith created an easy and fun craft to dress up snacks and treats for your BBQ.  With some paint and stars punched out of sticker paper, dress up Bigger Bitty Bags for your patriotic celebration.  These are perfect for the 4th of July too!  To keep grease spots from forming on your bags, slip a glassine bag inside.

 Here’s all you need to make them:wg_patriotic_bag_supplies

Diagonal Striped Bigger Bitty Bag
Bigger Glassine bag
blue paint
star paper punch
sticker paper

For more party planning tips and tricks, please see Dawn’s blog at NotJustaMommy.




Doggy Bag Holder

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Okay Napolean, here’s a little something to throw together before the humans get back from the NSS. It’s sure to impress and may even give you a few doggie points (which frankly you may need after being alone for the past week!) For those of you who haven’t met Napolean, check us out on Facebook. He’s the French Bulldog that has taken over the shop this week while the human owners of Whisker Graphics are away at the National Stationery Show in NY. He’s running all kinds of specials, so follow us and stay tuned. This project comes to us from crafty, design team member, Betsy Skagen.  It’s a handy doggie bag holder. It’s right next to the leash so you can grab one on your way out the door. Wrapped in Polka Dot Middy bags and Napolean’s paw print and bone, it’s perfectly practical.


Here’s what you need:

Here’s how you make it, according to Betsy:

Step 1–Eat a lot of oatmeal

Step 2–Use the oatmeal container as your base for the doggie bag holder. Give the container and lid a coat or two of gesso so the graphics do not show through your paper covering.

Step 3–Reinforce the lid of the oatmeal container with strips of packing tape. I’m not entirely sure why packing companies now make their lids out of half cardboard/half plastic rather than all plastic, but it certainly makes it more flimsy.

Step 4–Lightly sand the gesso-covered container.

Step 5–Measure the height of the jar. If you are mathematically inclined, or you have a cloth measuring tape, you can also measure the diameter. Or, if you are lazy like me, you can wing it.

Step 6–Cut the closed end off a Red Polka Dot Bigger Bitty Bag and peel off the glued strip. Cut along the seam and trim the edge so that you end up with a large rectangular sheet of paper. Repeat with a second sheet.

Step 7–Trim the paper to the size of the container

Step 8–Cut open another Green Polka Dot Middy Bitty Bag and trace the lid and the end of the container onto the back of the Middy Bag paper. Cut out these circles. Draw doggy themed shapes onto this paper and cut out.

Step 9–Adhere the doggy themed shapes to a piece of coordinating cardstock and cut out.

Step 10–Cover the container in a thin coat of Mod Podge. Carefully wrap the container in your polka dot paper, leaving a little hanging off the open end. Cut small slits in the overhanging paper, fold down and adhere to the inside of the container.

Step 11– Punch a hole in each side of the container, about 1/2 inch from the top. Thread a length of Divine Twine Single Petites through the punched holes  and tie together inside the container in order to form a handle.

Step 12–Cover the lid and the container end with a thin coat of Mod Podge. Carefully adhere the two circles you previously cut out. Let dry.

Step 13–Adhere a decorative ribbon to the top edge of the container.

Step 14–Cut a small X in the lid of the jar.

Step 15–Adhere the doggy themed shapes to the container.

Now all you need to do is add some doggy bags, threading the first through the X you cut, close the lid and hang your new doggy bag holder.

Betsy has a fun blog with whimsical projects always presented with a good dose of humor! Be be sure to check it out  at Paper Calliope.

Weekend DOGSPIRATION, 5/16 – 5/17

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Hello, non-furry friends!  It’s me, Napoleon! You didn’t think I was going to forget the blog in my not-so-evil plan to take over #WhiskerGraphics while my owners are away at the National Stationery Show, did you?!

Truth is, we dogs get inspiration from SO many things, I can’t resist this chance to share a dog’s eye-view of the things in life that are really exciting to me.

Ready?! Let’s gooooo! *WAGS TAIL*


Bacon. I know you humans love it, too, but for canines, it’s pretty much top dog in the food chain – and a great way to start the day for ANY species!


Nothing gets me moving faster than seeing a sly feline invading my territory!

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Glassine Goodness

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This clever little number by Design Teamer, Amy Tsuruta, is a quick and easy way to wrap up your gift and your sentiment in one fell swoop. The Glassine Middy reveals a hint of the content, so choosing bright and colorful items to slip inside often works best. Plus, it makes coordinating the tag and twine a cinch. (Solid Teal shown here.) Amy uses some Project Life items giving her recipient and fellow scapper, enough to make a journal entry – fun! You could also give the makings for an Oolong Tea break to go with Amy’s tag line — a tea bag, packet of sugar and cookie or biscuit. Sweet and simple! For more gift giving tips, please be sure to visit her Blog at TsurutaDesigns.WG_oolong_amy tsuruta

Divine Twine Macrame

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It’s Throw Back Thursday! Design team member, Kerstie Pederson, celebrates with her modern take on the retro hanging plant holder. Gone is the heavy, yarn laden nest of the past. Here is the the simple, yet sleek look spun from our lush Solid Green Divine Twine. The solid color twine gives it a bold, pop of color. She creates using a fun macrame technique which is back on trend in the world of crafting. Take a look at Kersties’s blog for an easy to follow tutorial with lots of photos. And, take a look at our shop to see more solid colored Divine Twine. We currently have 16 solid shades on the shelf and more in production – Woo Hoo!


Polka Dots and Stripes, Oh My!

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WG Designer, Rachel MacAffee, let her daughter drive this project, starting with our Plain White Kraft Bag (the perfect blank canvas for any project!) She uses paints along with coordinating stripes and polkas to create a lovely gift bag set. The color combo is soft yet sassy–and did I mention simple? She made these for Teacher Appreciation gifts but they could easily be used for any birthday or summer time gift! Pick your favorite color palette and pattern to design your own custom gift bag set!

Take a closer look:



Supplies Rachel used:
White Kraft Middy Bags
paint- gold, teal and coral
basket shred

Check out Rachel’s blog at fawnprints for more fabulous ideas!

Weekend Inspiration. 5/9 – 5/10

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Hello crafty friends!

We’re here with some creative inspiration to kick off your awesome DIY weekend with some of our favorite inspirational quotes and images* from around the web. Need some mid-week inspiration? There are always tons of ideas here on the Whisker Graphics blog or on our Pinterest boards.

And now, without further delay – your weekend inspiration!

The Whisker Graphics Team

Do you feel this is true? Does being creative feel like a way into your deepest thoughts & feelings?

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Ombre Tag Art

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Design Teamer, Shirley Karnos, creates a unique photo layout she calls Ombre Art. She starts with our basic (yet super versatile!) White Tags then, dips them in various colors of Rit dye to make dip-dyed ombre tags.  All were cut into triangles and pieced together to create a geometric heart layout. The lovely shades of pink, blue and lavender make a perfectly coordinated display. This could be the base to a card, a scrapbook page or a wall hanging to commemorate a special occasion.  She’s chosen a heart for her anniversary theme but other shapes would work as well. Let creativity be your guide!

Shirley, is currelntly working on a dip-dyed project using our white Little Bitty Bags. Stay tuned … that should be a fun one!

IMG_6268_DipDyeGeometricHeartLayoutCheck out the detail of the background– love it!  To find more information on her technique, see her blog at Shirley shirley bo birley. Enjoy! IMG_6289_DipDyeGeometricHeartLayout

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