A Happy Christmas to All

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This card is simple to recreate all you need is a large Glassine Bitty Bag and a handful of sequins to get this project started. cover a 6 x 6 card with your favorite Christmas paper and trim the bag to fit. Fill with a handful of Sequins and seal the top with gold washi tape.

Wrap Green and White Divine Twine around the top and hold in place with tape. Cut out two fish tail banners and layer together before adhering to the corner.

Finish by adding some holly and a sentiment.































Find Katie @  Life in a Snapshot

Happy Birthday Card

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Katie created a Birthday Card with Divine Twine Solid White


























  • She started off by spritzing ink over a blank card and letting it dry.
  • Then flicked ink over the top and let a few drops run along the card before adding a bit of texture with a stamp.
  • Color in the little Guinea pig with Prima Watercolors
  • Last, she used a die cut for the balloons which i cut from textured card stock and inked before gluing strands of Solid White Twine to each one to create a bunch of balloons that are lifting him away.



Katie ~ Life in a Snapshot

How to Emboss Bitty bags

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Michelle P. is here from Michelle Philippi Crafting & Couponing.  With Thanksgiving on tap this week it means Christmas is quickly approaching.

I’ve got some quick and easy krafty (with a K for the kraft paper bags) Christmas wrap to share with you.



























I started by embossing a dot pattern on my plain brown paper sacks.













And them embossed a party flag banner on my colored tags.













Just a few minutes of “work” adds so much character to these fun little pieces.













Threading my fancy schmancy gold metallic Divine Twine





















And now we are gift-giving ready!















Keep it crafty!


Michelle ~ Michelle Philippi Crafting & Couponing

A Little Early Christmas Cheer

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It´s DT Member Noe here, to give you a Little inspiration with your Christmas gifts!!

Have you ever thought about how simple it could be to deliver a Gift Card, or even some money, into a nice wrapper? It´s also the perfect opportunity to give your Christmas Card!! Two in one: Christmas greeting and gift card !!

And for that, you will find the perfect materials in Whisker Graphics store !! Make your card, stick it on a nice paper bag and add some  Baker Twine !! Twine is the perfect finishing touch for any project !!

Use a little washi tape to close your bag … it will be beautiful !!

In my case I used:

Red Solid Divine Twine.

Gold Metallic Divine Twine.

Bitty Bag







Thanks for stopping by!!

Noelia I.G

Be sure and Check out Noelia’s other projects @ El Scrap de Cris y Noe

Fall Project

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Happy November! Kerry M. is just so happy to be able to create another Fall project. She loves ugly sweaters and thought that they should not only be enjoyed at Christmas time.  This is also a fun way to let those special people in your life know how much they mean to you.



















Stamp fall paper with ugly sweater stamp and die cut out











Decorate ugly sweater with Fall stickers and attach to bags with dimensional foam










Embellish bags with sequin and washi tape











Attach eyelets to the large tags










Stamp “Grateful for you” on the tags in brown ink and place inside bags












Attach branch to chalkboard  with black twine

Attach decorated bags to branch using twine

Display where friends can easily see and take as party favors





Making Festive Gift Bags as a Thanks!

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Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman with Live Laugh Scrap  here to show you how easy it is to create festive gift bags for family and friends this holiday season.












1.Stamp each bag randomly with a leaf stamp that has been inked with several colors of ink giving them a fall look.












2.Decorate one bag with large die cut leaves that have been tied together with Rose Gold Vintage Metallic Twine.
3.Adhere to the bag with a sentiment then add raffia and a treat inside.












4.Tie Rose Gold Vintage Metallic around the second bag.
5.Place a small gift or candy inside, fold down the top edge;and use a tiny clothes pin in the corner.
6. Tie additional twine to the corner and place die cut leaves and sentiment under the folded edge.












These would make wonderful treat bags for the Thanksgiving table for family and friends.  They’d also make a nice little treat for our teachers.

















<a href=”https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uvL1tW77tVM/WBvOguiJjWI/AAAAAAAAXrQ/nQWsDoM5dhIXWe8oBuCsyAy28bVOv4H5wCLcB/s1600/Thanks-9-whiskergraphics-joyclair-steph-ackerman.jpg” imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img border=”0″ height=”400″ src=”https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uvL1tW77tVM/WBvOguiJjWI/AAAAAAAAXrQ/nQWsDoM5dhIXWe8oBuCsyAy28bVOv4H5wCLcB/s400/Thanks-9-whiskergraphics-joyclair-steph-ackerman.jpg” width=”302″ /></a></div>
<br />
<br />
Thanks for stopping by today.<br />
<br />



Thanksgiving Placesetting

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Janae P. created for us today this Thanksgiving place-setting. The idea was so simple to throw together it takes 2 steps!

The end product looks wonderful as part of a lovely thanksgiving table spread.

For this project I used: 



















It came together so lovely!



BOO!…Halloween is over!?! Not Yet!

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Jessica C. made these Halloween Decorative Blocks out of two wood blocks she had on hand.

Supplies used:


  • Purple and Black block
  • 5×7 wood block
  • Divine Twine Knots black
  • Divine Twine purple
  • Little Bitty Bags plain brown
  • Small Tag white
  • Halloween paper cut to size 5×7 (your choice)
  • Ghost cut out (shapes your choice)
  • Cut out letters spelling BOO in white
  • Cut out letters spelling TRICK OR TREAT in white
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Wood glue
  • Tombow mono liquid glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Sand paper brick


  • 4×6 wood block
  • Divine Twine Grey
  • Divine Twine Orange
  • Little Bitty Bags plain brown
  • Small Tag light orange
  • Halloween paper cut to size 4×6 (your choice)
  • Pumpkin cut out (shapes your choice)
  • Cut out letters spelling Boo in black
  • Cut out letters spelling TRICK OR TREAT in black
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Wood glue
  • Tombow mono liquid glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Sand paper brick










I started my project by sanding my wood blocks until they were smooth.  Then I painted the sides and the back leaving the front unpainted so the glue would adhere better.  I painted two coats of paint on my blocks.

While the paint was drying I used the mono liquid glue to glue the ghost and pumpkin onto the little bitty bags.  Once the glue had dried I pulled apart cotton balls and stuffed them into each bag to my desired puffiness.  I then used a some twine to tie the bag shut.










While the blocks were still drying I glued the letters onto my paper along the left side. Making sure I left enough room for my bag.  Now if I did this over again I might wait until the end to glue my letters on because when I sanded the edges of my blocks again, after I adhered the paper, any extra glue caught the fine dust and smudged my letters.

Once the paint was dry on the blocks I used wood glue to glue the paper to the clean unpainted front side.  It is okay if the paper goes right to the edge of the block.  After the wood glue dried I sanded the edges smoothing down the paper.


















To finish up the edges I put some paint on my finger and ran it across the edges creating a small thin border.

Again I waited for the paint to dry and then wrapped the twine around the blocks 3 times and tied a knot.  Then I placed my bag on the twine and tied another knot then added the tag and tied a bow.  To finish it off I used glue dots to hold the bag in place on the paper.










Decorated Pumpkin Bread Bags

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Hi, Connie here with decorated bread bags using the Divine Twine and Bitty Bags Whisker Graphics. Bitty Bags fit the mini loaf pans perfect.  Wrap the bread (in my case, it is Pumpkin Bread) with plastic wrap (or you can purchase Whisker Graphics’ Glassine Bags) and then it is ready to put in the Bitty Bags









Supplies needed:

– Divine Twine
– Bitty Bags
– Small colored tags
– Homemade breads (Pumpkin, Banana, Apple)
– Stamps, stencils, stickers for decorations.









Step 1 : Bake the bread and wrap it in plastic wrap.

Step 2: Put each bread mini loaf in a bag and staple the top closed.








Step 3: Wrap the Bitty Bag with Divine Twine and stamp matching tag with sentiment or image.









Step 4: Attach tag and continue to decorate the front of the bag.





Thanks for stopping by:

Connie Mercer/DT Member

Visit Connie @ Crafty Goodies

Making a Ghostly Candle!

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Joanna S with My Paper World

Created a creepy candle. She wrapped it with our Whisker Graphics Black Diamond Twine from the Metallics collection:

She then added some spider web and die cut with Halloween motive, with a little bit of Orange Solid Divine Twine as an accent.

In the end she added a few spiders and some black & orange mists!

Boo!  All Done and ready for those Trick-or Treater’s at the front door.



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