Create a Card with Chevron Bitty bag

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Hi everyone !!

Noe from SCN blog here with a new project to share with all of you !!

What do you think a nice card for a special friend? In addition, you can used it to deliver any gift card, you only include it in our paper bag!












For this Project I used Green Large and White Small colored Tags, Little Bitty Bag (Green Chevron Pattern) and Gold Metallic Divine Twine from Whisker Graphics shop:







Very easy to make !! Let´s go!! Step by Step:

  1. Punched a piece of white cardboard with your favorite frame and then died it with a background die to give more volume.
  2. Use your inks, have fun getting your hands dirty!! Use the same color you chose for your paper bag and tag ..
  3. Stamp it for a Bokeh effect and then add some ink splashes.
  4. Use your favorite stamps to add some messages to your paper bag and tag.
  5. Glue a blonde behind the paper bag.
  6. Add more layers to your card, for it cuts a slightly higher base white cardboard and a base for your card a little bigger than this white cardstock.
  7. Use a smaller tag to make the close of your card, fold it in half, cut corners and make a hole in the center. Add double-sided adhesive tape in one of the halfs and glue it on the right side of your card. Remember to stick it in the back of the base of your card
  8. Make a small and pretty bow and add some embellishment, in my case, I added some enamels dots.





You got it!! Hope you like this Card!! Have a nice week!!

Noelia I.

Creating a 3D String Art Pumpkin

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This string art pumpkin in perfect for decorating the front door for those Halloween Trick-or-Treater’s!

Kerry M. did a great job with this project!











Supplies used: 

  •   Divine Twine Metallic in black and gold
  •   Craft white foam pumpkin ( already halved) from Michael’s craft store
  •   One paper stencil  of a tree
  •   Nails ( 1 inch long )
  •   Paper piercer
  •   Hammer
  •   Scotch tape
  •   Small pliers
  •   Tweezers

Instructions :

  1. Tape stencil to front of pumpkin

Helpful hint: Use paper cuts around image to help tape  the stencil image flat.











  1. Use paper piercer to punch where nails will go

Helpful hint: pierce at sharp points of the image first then decide if you want more in between.










3. Gently hammer nails into the pierce holes Wrap metallic twine around nails. Helpful hints: Wrap twine around the first nail before inserting .












4. Wrap inner parts of image first then outline the image with twine. Pliers can be used to pull nail in and out while wrapping twine
















  1. Use tweezers to gently remove paper stencil and Use hammer to secure wrapped nails













Display your half pumpkin on a wall or in a wreath for others to enjoy!   I mounted mine onto a 12×12 black frame and added black foiled patterned paper from My Mind’s Eye













Kerry McDaniel

Halloween Treat Bag

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Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman with Live Laugh Scrap, here today with a fun and festive Fall Gift Bag.
















The Orange Chevron Middy Bitty Bag was perfect to use for the large JoyClair stamp. Think how much fun this would be to fill with little goodies and then leave on everyone’s place setting this season.











Stamp and color the scarecrow image on white Ink and distress the edges before matting it with brown













Stamp Happy Fall Y’all on a gray tag then tie it to a white tag with Bright White Divine Twine. Next, wrap the Bright White Divine Twine several times around the image, tying it in the corner Spread out the Twine and then the panel to the bag, inserting the tags behind the image. Fill with goodies and enjoy.


Thanks for stopping by today!


Spider Web

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Are you decorating for Halloween this year??  Janae P. made a spider web decoration using the black divine twine and it turned out so spooky!

Materials for this project included:










You’ll start by separating the inner and outer parts of your embroidery hoop, you’ll be using the one without the clasp on it (the inner hoop). You’ll paint your hoop black and allow it time to dry.











Once it’s dry you can start stringing. I tie a knot to secure the beginning of my thread and then just start wrapping around opposite edges. You can either knot each stop or just wrap it around a few times and proceed. Once you’ve gotten around the outer edge and created a base for yourself you can start wrapping the twine in the outer twine (think dreamcatcher), spiraling into the center and getting tighter and tighter with your spaces. Knot of the center and add a spider for an extra spooky effect.










Each spider web will turn out different, so allow for mistakes and try out different methods with the twine for different effects.










Ready to Display!



Happy Birthday!!

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Katie L. from the UK with Life in a Snapshot created with Happy Birthday Card with Divine Twine.

First cover the card with patterned paper and then use a stencil mask on the base and leave to dry.  Cut a strip of paper 2 cm by 15 cm and stick it to the center of the card.  Cut a wider strip 4 cm by 10 cm and use a border punch along the edges.


Wrap White Divine Twine around the bottom of the Little Bitty Bag: 


Die cut two small butterflies and layer them up. Wrap Divine Twine around the center and then add a button and a bow before adding them to the bottom of the Little Bitty Bag:



Take a button and thread White Divine Twine through the middle and tie into a bow.  Glue this to top of tag.  Adhere a Little Bitty Bag to the middle and slot a Large Colored Tag inside


Finish off card with a sentiment and buttons, adding Divine Twine through the centers to create little bows.


USA String Art

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Hi, Connie here with a fun project using the Divine Twine  Red, White & Blue.  Divine Twine is just like stitching with thread but so much easier.  The twine doesn’t get tangled like the thread does making it easier to stitch a project.
Products used:











After the placement of the colors were determined I started stitching with the white twine first.  I threaded a needle with a big eye and began sewing like I would on material.












I skipped around with the because I was curious about how it would look.  So I stitched a few rows of red, and then went back and filled in with the white twine.  When the stitching was completed the stars were added along with the button and sticker. I’m pretty sure it will be the star of my Christmas tree this year.



Thanks for stopping by,
Connie Mercer

Visit Connie M. @ CraftyGoodies

Fall Bitty Bag Wreath

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Jessica C. created this absolutely gorgeous fall wreath out of Bitty Bags and the PLAID String Creations Round Template.  This is a perfect wreath to hang on the front door or over the fireplace to brighten your place with fall calls for Halloween or Thanksgiving!
















My first step was to figure out what kind of pattern I wanted to create on stitch board.  I ended up liking a circular pattern.  I threaded the twine about 30 stitches apart.  I had to tie off the twine on the back several times and found tying three knots made the knot big enough not to come undone.














Next I rolled the little bitty bags in a cone shape.  I first folded down the top to create a perfect rectangle and then rolled the paper into a tight cone.  I used the mono glue at the end of the bag to hold its shape.  I really liked using the little bitty bags because they were the perfect shape and size and I didn’t have to do any extra cutting.













After I finished rolling the Little bitty bags I cut my pattern paper into strips and folded them like an accordian.  I glued the strips together to create accordion flowers.  I cut the tips of the paper to create a petal like pattern.  I used brown paper circles for the center of my flowers.














Next I used mono glue to adhere my paper cones to the stitch board.  I used 36 cones on the bottom row, 9 cones of each color.  I used a bowl to put weight on the cones while the glue dried.






























I followed the same process for the second row of cones except I added glue to the upper part of the cone to adhere to the cones underneath it.  Again using 36 cones, 9 of each color. I used a smaller bowl to add weight while they dried.












Finally I glued my flowers to the center.











Now…Ready to hang!





Sealed Sweetly Treat Bag

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Sealed Sweetly Treat Bag: 



Step 1  Gather supplies

Step 2  Cut all twine in about a 2 yard length and with ends meeting, gather together again to have a 4 strand bow,

Step 3  Add sealed treats in Middy Bitty Bag

Step 4  Trim 1 inch strip

Step 5  Stamp seal image and die cut from remaining cardstock

Step 6  Fold down Middy Bag

Step 7  Adhere strip across bag fold, and adhere the stamped Seal

Step 8 Tie Divine Twine and add bow

FUN Co-worker surprise!

And don’t forget whacky Holiday Dates observed & upcoming:

(Can be used for : Good Neighbor Day 9/28 or on International Coffee Day 9/29! )

–FYI this stamp image can be found at Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

See Kimberly’s other great projects @  Wienerhoneymooners





Bitty Bag To Do

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Check out this easy and inexpensive Bitty Bag To Do List from Michelle P.


Today I’m sharing a quick, cheap, and easy back-to-school DIY project to help keep the kids on task. We have a lot going on with school, church, soccer, band, jobs, friends, etc. so I thought making them a little “whiteboard” to keep on their nightstands or wherever they want to put it would help them keep the important things top of mind.


I picked up (2) 4×6 picture frames from the dollar store, and a pack of dry erase markers; and pulled out (2)  5″ x 7.5″ Middy Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics.












I used the picture template from the frame to cut by Middy Bitty Bag down to size:













And then placed them in to the frame as I would a picture:













I used the notebook pattern for my daughter’s, and the purple horizontal stripe one for my son as his school colors are purple and black:












These cost $1.51 each to make.

  • Bag: 26-cents
  • Frame: $1
  • Pen: 25-cents

— $1.51 each!




















Have a great week!

~ Michelle

BOO! The Countdown to Halloween

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Kerry M.  could not wait any longer.  She and her kids just love October 31 and had to make something Halloween themed!




















Supplies used: 

  • Little Bitty Bags Diagonal, Chevron and Polka Dot in black, gray, green, orange, yellow and purple
  • Divine Twine in solid black, orange, yellow and purple
  • Divine Twine Bamboo in solid gray
  • Divine Twine Petite in solid green
  • Middy Bitty Bucket in Diagonal black
  • Two black foam boards  20 x 30 inches
  •  Two pieces of gray paper  8.5 x 11 inches
  •  Square scallop die cut  1 inch x 1 inch
  •  Circle die cut 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • One black ink pad and number stamp set
  • One piece of chalk
  • One tape measure
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Circle hole punch 1 inch
  • Various Halloween stickers and gems



How to Step-by-Step: 














  • Fold over the back edge of each Bitty Bag by 0.75 inches and tape  down












  • Die cut 31 gray, scalloped squares












  • Stamp 1-31 on gray, scalloped squares using number stamp set and black ink











  • Decorate front of each bag with twine, Halloween stickers and gems













  • Use chalk to mark  one of the black foam boards for cutting ( 10 x 20 inches on left side and 4 inches wide for chimney )













  • Cut foam board along chalk lines














  • Assemble haunted house from foam board pieces and tape together













  • Tape down bag #1 to chimney and bags #2-4 to layered roof top















  • Tape down bags #5-30, leaving room for a door













  • Die cut large circle gray paper and cut in fourths to make 2 round windows















  • Cut gray door using half a piece of gray paper
  • Use hole punch to create door knob















  • Decorate Bitty Bucket and label it #31













  • Fill bags and bucket with candy, movie tickets or jewelry and enjoy!



Your Done!!




Find everything you need to make this project @ Whisker Graphics!

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