$2 and A Whole Lot of Pretty ~ Tissue Paper Flowers

June 22nd, 2009 § 4 comments

After seeing this post I had a STRONG desire to make some tissue paper flowers. So, last weekend I went to the Dollar Tree (I love that place!) and bought supplies: 1 package of multi-colored tissue paper (40 sheets) and 1 roll florist wire. I won’t show you the process here because the above linked post does an excellent job of that, but here are my results.

The whole gang.

The whole gang.

I tried a variety of colors, sizes, and cuts. On the larger flowers I used different shades of a similar color to try and add some depth. I also cut the tips to be pointed. On the large white+light blue one (it’s kind of hiding) I painted the tips with some light blue shimmery watercolor paint. I must say, the results were less than stunning. Quite average. really and not worth the trouble of taking the extra step to paint, but you never know unless you try.

Flowers with different shades of tissue paper used.

Flowers made with different shades of tissue paper per stem.


A sweet bunch of the little guys.

I also tried using 5 layers of tissue instead of the recommended 4; not really much of a difference. I did discover that when the tips are trimmed to a point (green flower in above photo), it’s more difficult to separate the layers without tearing.

Embarrassing sidenote: I actually made more than shown in pics. No, that’s not the embarrasing part. The embarrassing part is that I made them while watching a America’s Next Top Model marathon (do you know how many hours that is?).  I know. Still only semi embarrassing. Here’s the kicker. The marathon was from the 2006 season! Pitiful, just pitiful. I hate when I get sucked in!

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§ 4 Responses to $2 and A Whole Lot of Pretty ~ Tissue Paper Flowers"

  • Sara says:

    i love your flowers! i love that you got the supplies at the dollar store – i’m on a tight budget and these are so wonderful!

    thank you for sharing so much via your marvelous blog.

    take care and be well.

  • Sara M. says:

    These are beautiful. I am planning on making these for mothers day from my son, and I finally found a decent tutorial. Anyway, thanks and I’m right there with ya on ANTM, it’s like crack, mixed with drama & fashion. :3

  • Sally says:

    I will try making them and use for table decorations for our church party.
    I have tried making them before but these are really awesome , I have to try them again.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  • Linda says:

    These look identical to the flowers that I make, but I use coffee filters. Use food coloring to die them, let them dry overnight and then cut a stack of five into a “loop/petal” shape. I find that the coffee filters are much sturdier than tissue and can be stored and used for years.

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