More Japanese Masking Tape Fun

June 9th, 2009 § 15 comments

Somebody stop me. Ok, not really. I’m relieved glad I’m using the Japanese Masking tape I bought myself for my birthday. There have been times when I’ve pined desperately for something only to buy it and not use it (hello double chaise lounge).

Here’s another little use for  The Tape – Magnetic Note Holders
You’ll need:
-1″ x 4″ white labels
-xacto knife
-fabulous japanese masking tape
-sticky-backed magnetic tape


-Lay clothespin onto 1×4″ label (line side of label up with side of clothespin that has the metal part sticking out)
-Cut around clothespin with xacto
-Place tape on top of clothespin
-Cut small pieces of magnetic tape and stick to back of clothespin

Magnetic backed clothespins with Japanese masking tape.

Magnetic backed clothespins with Japanese masking tape.

I plan to use some of these on my magnet board in my studio, but they’d work on a frig too.

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