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Our Whisker Graphics Design Team project today is from Janae P.

Hi all, I just got my first String Creations Stitch blank by Plaid Crafts and was excited to use my Whisker Graphics Divine Twine on a project I’ve been wanting to put together.









For my supplies I gathered:


My first step was deciding which colors and how I wanted to design my United States. I love the red, white and blue patriotic colors and decided to go for a subtle mix of those colors with a little tan thrown in to accent the wood.
















































I put my masking tape on for a clean edge and applied the paint. I was worried at first that it would clog the little holes, but found they stayed clear through all the coats. Once I was done with blue I let it dry, peeled off my masking tape and then applied another layer covering the blue side. I added my tan paints and let it dry, then removing the masking tape.











I used the red twine to highlight my favorite places to travel and the white twine to highlight places I hope to go. I’m excited that every time I pass this piece in my house it will remind me of so many good memories and I’ll remember the future adventures I have to make.














I started a knot with the red twine on the back of the wood in my “home” location and then pulled the string through to the front. I then strung it over to my various favorite vacations, knotting it at each stop. I made sure my twine ended up back at home,












…then adhered a paper heart over it with a 3-D adhesives.











































I then tied a few strings in single knots and put them through the holes of my one-day vacations.











I had a cute clipboard lying around that I though would be so fun to display it on, so I glued it down to some white cardstock and threw on some thickers saying “explore” with an extra little paper heart!

I love how this piece turned out and am excited to add different colors of twine for different spots I want to highlight in the future.



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