Create A Summer Travel Book w/Bitty Bags

April 20th, 2017 § 2 comments

Hi!! It´s DT Member Noe from SCN blog here!

Summer is coming and with it the time to travel during holidays! Have you thought how easy and practical it can be to create a travel book where you can keep documents, maps, tickets? Or even a small notebook with some loose leaves in which to write your memories?
Well, today I bring you a small tutorial with which you can make a simple memory book idea for your trips. You will only need some bigger bitty bags, chipboard for the covers and some kraft cardstock!












Ok, here we go!!The first thing to do is to adapt the size of our bitty bags, for that, cut to 6 inches in length and fold at 8 inches in height.







On a separate sheet, which will be the basis of our binding, we will mark and fold to:
– First mark at 1 inch and 3/4.
– Next we will make ten different marks every 3/4 of inches.
– To finish we will make a last mark at 1 inch and 3/4.

















To glue our envelopes, we must place the glue in the right fold of our “accordion”.









Once the glue is placed, we will fold the mark so that it is on top of our envelope … Press lightly until it dries.









To facilitate a correct drying, place small tongs on the spine and let dry for one hour.









The result should be this…









Make holes in the covers and pass small elastics bands (for it, measure the contour of the spine) through them and place the eyelet helping you of the Crop I Dile or similar tool.










For closing, put a brad on the cover and, on the back cover, place an elastic band attached with an eyelet.









Finally, decorate the covers of your organizer …





You got it!! Hope you like it!!
Have a nice week!!
See you son!


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