Make Bitty Bag Bunny Ears

April 11th, 2017 § 3 comments


Spring has arrived and Easter is right behind it!  I love being outside this time of year and wanted to ensure that I got some memorable photo opportunities with family and friends.


Bunny Ear Headband 











  • Honeycomb patterned Middy Bags in Green, Yellow, Aqua and Hot Pink
  • Headbands, any color in wider size
  • Foam sheets in White, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Dark Gray
  • Flat wooden craft sticks,  6 inch by 3/4 inch
  • Small binder clips
  • Hot glue gun
  • One piece of thin cardboard
  • Paper flowers with wire


Steps : 


















Draw the inner and outer bunny ear on thin cardboard to create a template.










Trace the inner ear template on Bitty Bags and cut out.











Trace the outer ear template on foam sheets and cut out.

(Note: You will need 4 outer ears per headband)











Use hot glue to adhere patterned inner ear to foam outer ear



















Cut a 1 inch x 6 inch foam strip and use it to wrap around the headband and flatsides of the wooden sticks.










Use binder clips to secure foam strip and wooden stick close to the headband











Remove metal brackets from the binder clips










Use hot glue to adhere patterned inner ear to foam outer ear











Attach paper flower with attached wire












Get your loved ones to show off their smiles and their one-of-a -kind bunny ears!




Thanks for stopping by!  ~Kerry M.

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