Making Bitty Bag Bunny and Ducky’s

April 4th, 2017 § 3 comments

Hi friends, Janae here, today I will be showing you how to make these cute Easter hunt bags for little hands to hold their goodies in!

These are the supplies I started with:









  • Divine Twine in – light pink solid, deep pink solid, cotton candy, orange, yellow solid and lemon
  • Middy Bags in polka dot pink and stripe yellow. (I used the middy for this hunt because I was using mini plastic eggs, but the large bitty bags would work great too for larger eggs!)
  • White cotton balls or pom poms, 3 quantity (not pictured)
  • Google eyes, four quantity
  • White paper
  • Pink paper
  • Orange paper
  • Yellow paper (not pictured)
  • Heart punch
  • Hole punch
  • White reinforcement circle labels
  • Scissors, Elmers glue and mono glue (better adhesive for the plastic eyes)


I started by punching holes in both of my bags. I tried to get it about 1/4″ away from both edges in the upper corners of each bag.










I then added reinforcement labels to the front and back of each hole to help support the bags.









I put together the chick bag first. I cut 3/4″ strips of orange paper for the legs and folded them accordion style.









I then drew a pattern for the chick feet on the back of the orange paper and cut them out.










I glued the feed to the legs and then glued the legs to the bag, positioning them as I preferred.










As the glue was drying on the feet and legs I glued on the beak and googly eyes.













I traced and cut out little wings on my yellow paper.










I then glued on the wings and set my chick aside to dry completely while I started on my bunny.









I started by cutting out the white and pink ear parts.










Once I had those ready to go I proceeded to glue them together and then adhere them to my bunny bag.
















I punched out a pink and white heart for the bunny face. To make the bunny mouth I just turned the larger white heart upside down.










I lightly glued down both hearts and the eyes, but left the bottom of the white heart unglued so I could tuck in the whiskers.










I used the light pink twine for the whiskers and wrapped it back and forth a few times about 2″ long.










I slid the whiskers under the white heart and then glued the rest of the white heart down.










To finish off the whiskers I cut the ends so they would be open.










I flipped my bunny bag over and added glue to the tail and feet spots. I felt the mono glue gave a better hold if it was pom poms, but normal glue works great for cotton balls as long as you can hold it down for a little until it starts to dry.










I measured out 14″ of each color of twine for my bag handles










I double knotted them through the holes on each bag









The kids adored the Easter hunt bags and were so excited to collect their mini eggs in them. This craft was so fun that we made a few more variations of bunnies and chicks after the hunt was over, it was a simple enough craft that the kids could do it easily.





















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