Design your own Bitty Bucket

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Bucket Gift Project
Hello, fellow crafters! I’m so glad to be sharing with you my 3rd Project for Whisker Graphics! For this project, I decided I’d make a gift bucket…not a gift bag, but a bucket! There’s a lot of things that can be done with buckets, but I wanted something that I could give as a little “pick me up” gift. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather your supplies. For this project, you’ll need a Bitty Bucket, ruler and/or tape measure, scissors, adhesive (I used ATG and liquid glue), paper trimmer, circle punch (I used ½” punch), pencil, a small round knob to use as a handle, and 2 sheets of 8”x8” paper. (Other supplies will be needed for decorating.)









Step 2: Begin by wrapping your tape measure (not shown here), around the circumference of the bucket and then from the top edge to the bottom edge, just inside the rims. Cut your paper to length and width. In this case, mine measured 6 3/8” long by 3 13/16” wide. You will need 2 of these.













Step 3: Then take your ruler and measure from the top edge of the rim to the top of the handle “gripper”. Next measure from the center of the gripper to the outer edge of the gripper. This will give you an approximate measure to punch a half circle to go around the gripper.























Here is an alternative way to measure the edge to prepare for the circle punch cut. Just take the edge of your paper and draw around the handle “gripper”. Now, punch your first half circle. At this point, don’t punch the other side yet.
























Step 5: Once you have your first half circle cut, now you can adhere some adhesive on the back side of your paper, just enough to keep it in place so you can wrap your paper halfway around the bucket and then mark the paper with your pencil where the other handle gripper meets. Cut that half circle.



















Step 6: Now you can remove your partially adhered sheet and finish adding the adhesive all around the back side of it. Again, wrap it around the can (it will go approximately halfway around). Repeat the process for the other side of the bucket, using the 2nd sheet of 6 3/8” x 3 13/16” paper.

Tip: Only cut the first half circle of each sheet before cutting the 2nd half circle of each sheet. That way you can measure around the gripper more accurately.










Step 7: Now it’s time to get the top inside of the lid decorated with paper. Take your lid and lay it right side up directly on top of the part of the paper that you want shown. Use your pencil to draw a circle around the bottom edge of the lid. Cut out your circle and adhere to the top. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Just as long as it fits pretty securely inside the top of the lid.






















Step 8: Get yourself a handyman (or woman) to drill a hole in the top of the lid for your knob (handle). I got this fella…I kinda like him. Yes, he’s my hubby, who was glad to do the drilling for me, as he didn’t want me to drill my fingers instead of the lid. Trust me, his instincts are right! (wink wink). Add your handle.












Now your lid will look like this —>










Step 9: Now get yourself some twine and glue it around the perimeter of the lid, to cover up any part of the lid that didn’t get covered with paper. Easy trick and works every time! Then, around the outer edge of the bucket….wherever you want it to cover! Decorate your bucket in whatever manner you want it before filling the inside of the bucket with goodies.
























Step 10: Gather your materials for the inside of the bucket. For me, I used Petite Birds Stickers, Plain White Bags, and Divine Twine. I placed Hersey© Kisses into the bags, folded the bags over, and wrapped with twine and added a sticker. I also used the same basic technique to decorate the Little Bitty Bucket. I plan to put a bracelet I made inside of it as an extra goodie




















Now here is my final project, all decorated and stuffed with kisses!




I hope you enjoyed this project! It was a lot of fun for me! Thank you for stopping by!
Blessings, Jeanie Ellis, WG Designer

Check out my other projects@ Jeanie Ellis – Scrapbookingmamaw


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