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May 9th, 2017 § 0 comments


Hi all!  Katie here from Life in a Snapshot!

Spring and Summer are normally the peak seasons for planning that special wedding. With so much to organize and plan it is easy to find it all overwhelming. In this post I am going to show you how to turn a simple tea light into a stunning DIY wedding table decor.

Products used:










4 Easy Steps:

1) Wrap the bakers twine around the middle of the candle holder

2) Fix into place with a bit of glue

3) Gather your berries and glue them to the centre of the candle

4) Glue clusters of paper flowers to the centres. 

 These also make great gifts and home Decor.

































Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed this simple, yet charming wood and twine craft!

~ Katie L.

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