Divine Twine Wish Bracelets

August 30th, 2017 § 3 comments


Colleen from Scrappin Granny sharing with you a fun project you could make for yourself or make them with your children or grandchildren.

These are called Wish Bracelets and the saying goes  you make a wish while making them and then you wear them and when they wear out, one of the beads will fall off and your wish will come true.

These custom twine bracelets are so easy and fast to make, you will end up making a bunch of them!

Step 1:

You start with Divine Twine and in any color you want.  Then make sure you pick out your beads with a big enough hole the twine will go through the hole.

Next you measure out your twine, I cut my three pieces at 15 inches each.






Step 2:

Put your three strands together and tie a knot at one end.












Step 3:

For the next step for me it was the easiest to tape down the end onto a firm surface












Step 4:

Now it is time to start adding the beads.  Start with the twine at the far right and add your first bead. Once you have the bead on cross it over the same way and continue braiding.  This is your choice to do one bead right after the other or leave a little space in between the beads.  I did it both ways.  Make sure you ALWAYS add your bead on the right and cross it over.











Step 5:

This one was made with a space in between the beads.













Step 6:

Once you have the number of beads on that you want you will be ready to finish braiding.  Braid about another 1.5 inches and then tie a knot at that end.













Step 7:

Now you just tie the two knotted ends together.  Test fit it around your hand and wrist to make sure it will fit.  If you are making them with children or grandchildren you may have to adjust to make them smaller.











I hope you will give these fun arts and crafts bracelets a try, and have more fun making them with your children or grandchildren. Don’t forget to check out all the beautiful colors of Divine Twine at Whisker Graphics store.

















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