Embossing Itty Bitty Bags

August 2nd, 2017 § 1 comment


Make Your Own Design Itty Bitty Bag

Hello, fellow crafters! I can believe 6 months have already come and gone! It’s been a pleasure and a great ride! Today I want to share with you a couple of techniques in this embossing tutorial. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Versamark, Itty Bitty Bag, Embossing Powder, Ink Pad, Stamp, Tool for Inking, and Coffee Filter (to pour your excess powder back in), and Heat Gun (not shown)











Step 2: Place your ink pad into the Versamark, pressing enough to insure getting enough of the “sticky ink” onto your stamp. Any design will work. (Yes, my Versamark is messy…I definitely use it!)









Step 3: Now start stamping your bag. You’ll need to re-ink your stamp several times, or however many times you want to repeat your pattern. You also can use various stamps on the bag, if desired.












Step 4: Sprinkle embossing powder, making sure you cover all the inked parts.












Step 5: Now take your Heat Gun and heat up the embossing powder to melt it. Tip: Be sure to keep the heat gun moving so you won’t burn your paper and powder. I usually do a circular motion.












Step 6: Grab your ink pad and ink tool (a dauber or a sponge will also work), and start spreading ink onto your bag. Your stamped image has now become a “recessed” image. Pretty cool!










Step 7: End result of bag….now let’s fill it with a tag!













Here it is filled with a tag. (No tutorial since I’ve already done a tag tutorial once. 😊 )












Check out my other work @ Scrapbookingmamaw



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