Mixed Media Canvas – A work of Art!

February 4th, 2018 § 2 comments


Hello, crafters! I’m so glad to be sharing with you another step-by-step tutorial using some of Whisker Graphics products! One of the most fun things for me to make is mixed media projects. Why? Because it’s one of those things where you get an idea of what you want to do, but it may go totally into another direction, as you’ll see. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Gesso, Mod Podge, various colors to apply (I used Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Sparks – Ginger Magic and Fairy Wings, and Art Alchemy Antique Brilliance – Red Amber, Acrylic Metallic Paint (I used DecoArt Peacock Pearl), Scissors, Brush, WG Twine, Various Metal Embellishments, Stamp and Stamp Inks (I also  used StazOn ink, not VersaMark….change of plan already!), 1 WG Middy Bitty Bag (Clear), 1 WG Large Tag, and Hot Glue with Gun.










Step 2: Prep Canvas Surface

Spread Gesso over the entire area with your brush












Step 3…..Or was it? Well, let me tell you, here is where things took a different turn. And boy did it get ugly! I had done all my painting, even stamped the canvas, and things just weren’t working. Got all my pictures taken, etc etc…. But instead of this piece of awesome art developing, it was looking so very bad! However, I didn’t want to discard it. Instead, I just recycled that canvas. I moved forward with a new idea forming in my head!

Step 3: Cut your bag

(Remember…ignore the background! New plan! 😉  )

Cut your bag to make 2 pieces from it.












Step 4 & 5:  Tear into Pieces & Crinkle

At this point, rather than looking at how bad it looked, I decided I’d just go ahead and see what I would end up with. I tore the 2 pieces of bag into several pieces, crinkled them, and then mod podged them onto the canvas.























Step 6:  Gesso Prep

Now re-Gesso your canvas. It still doesn’t look great, does it? But press on!












Step 7 & 8: Grab Your Stencil and Texture Paste

Spread as evenly as possible. You don’t have to use the whole stencil: just stencil wherever you want your design to be (i.e., butterflies)























Step 9:  Adding Your Twine

Now you can add your twine. Just swirl it around in any direction. Place mod podge in the places you want your twine to lay. And then add a little more to the top of the twine for added stability. Now paint on your acrylic paint, once the twine and mod podge are dried. (No picture…oops)























Step 10: Grab Your Metal Embellishments

The first photo shows you what metals I’m using. You can use any you choose. Now place your metals wherever you want them, hot gluing as you go.























Step 11: Adding Color

Start brushing on your various colors. Here I used my Art Alchemy paints and paste (listed above)























Step 12: Tag Preparation for Canvas

Now take your tag, cutting off the top of it to make it even. Add various elements to the tag by stamping it with black ink and a stamp, then take distress inks and spread lightly back and forth, then up and down to add color. I then took the Art Alchemy paint and painted the tag























Step 13: Stamp the Tag

Here’s where you’ll take a desired stamp and stamp on an image onto the colored tag. Be sure to use a non-water based ink, such as StazOn. Then mod podge the back of the tag and add it to the canvas.























Step 14: Adding Hair

I took a dangly earring, cut off the top ear piece, and used that for the mane of her hair.  I then added some twine at the top of her head for “bangs”.


































Step 15: Edge with Twine

Lastly, add twine around the edge of the canvas. Now for the final product!


















Thank you for stopping in! I hope that you’ve been inspired to try one! And remember…if at first you don’t succeed, do what I need. PRESS ON!

Jeanie Ellis, DT





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