Thinking of You Pocket Card

July 2nd, 2018 § 1 comment


Thinking of You Pocket Card

Hello, everyone! It’s good to be back! Today I want to share with you a tutorial on using the Bitty Bags to make a Pocket Card! It was a lot of fun! So let’s get started with a supply list (more supplies added as we go along).

Supplies: Twine, Tags (I used 4), 2 Large Bitty Bags, ATG (or any adhesive), Liquid Glue, and any type of photos or diecuts you would like to use.





Step 1: Fold each of your bitty bags in half. Use a bone folder for a nice crease.




Step 2: Now emboss the side with the pocket using an embossing machine. This step is optional.

Step 3: Take the bottom end of the bag and carefully peel it open. If you have an adhesive remover, it’ll make it easier to open. I didn’t use a remover…but I did open it very carefully!





Step 4: Take your trimmer and cut along the “folded line” to make it even. Do not re-seal the opening!





Step 5: Now glue the front inside of the bag to the back inside of the bag, making 2 pockets.






Step 6:  Be sure to glue down in unwanted openings. You should only end up with 4 pockets if you use 2 Bitty Bags





Step 7: I then took my pockets and tags and distressed the edges using Tim Holtz Ink Oxides Black Soot.





Step 8: You should have 2 pieces, each piece having 2 pockets. Take some good double-sided tape and tape along the unopened side of the pockets. You only need to do this on 1 of the pieces. Put the 2 pieces together, being sure the bottoms and sides are even.





Step 9: Now open it back up and use your bone folder to crease the inside down. This will help your pocket card to lay flat.





Step 10: It’s time to work on your tags! You can decorate these anyway you want, but I used washi tape to decorate mine. I simply laid them in an angle and then trimmed the excess off.







Step 11: Here’s where you can take old photos or any type of decoration you want. I used some of the Tim Holtz photos that were already cut to shape. I also inked around the edges of the photo so they would show up better. I layered her on top of the tag.





Step 12: I realized that in order to lay the tags in the pockets sideways, they would definitely slide too far into the pockets. Which is ok, but I wanted them to stand out some. Or, if you prefer, you can turn them the other direction. However, I thought I would just sew a line to the point I wanted the tags to rest inside. I can’t tell you how easy these bags were to sew! I had never sewn any kind of card before, and this was really easy and a fun technique to do!






Step 13: To hide the sew lines, I just added twine all the way around each side (inside of front pocket to outside of front pocket, and also for the back section).





Now you can decorate your bag inside and out the way you want. I also used Avery #80508 Pearlized Scallop Round Labels to add a couple of sentiments to the inside, as you will see in the finalized photos below.










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