It’s Tag Time!

November 25th, 2018 § 0 comments

Printing on Vellum & Kraft Bags and DecoFoil Your Tag!

Hello, crafters! Jeanie Ellis here to share with you a couple of cool techniques for your WG bags and tags! These are easy projects, and you can use any digital print and place them onto your bags/tags for your next project! Here, I will be showing you a sample of a Happy Birthday print.

Let’s Get Started!


For this project, you’ll need 1 large vellum bag, 1 medium sized Kraft bag, 1 tag, DecoFoil, and double-sided adhesive. To print, any inkjet printer should work. For the tag, I used a laser printer so I can foil my tag; however, if you don’t have a laser printer, you can use transfer gel medium or just print without using foil.




Step 1:

Take your tape, and place a small amount of adhesive on the 4 corners of the bag, and onto the center of the top flap area.





Step 2 & Step 3:

Now get a sheet of copier paper, and place the adhesive side down of the bag onto the paper. My printer prints with the top coming out of the printer, so be sure you place your paper into your printer where the print will print on the right side up, and the direction of your print goes along with the direction of the bag (top of print to top of bag).






Step 4:

Here is how mine comes out of the printer:





Step 5:

Now just gently pull the vellum or Kraft bag away from the copier paper (or you can use cardstock)





Step 6:

Take your finger and rub away the remaining tape from the bag. Now, you can flip the bag over and print on the other side, using the same technique. This part is optional.





Step 7:

Here you can see that the vellum bag is still see-through, but it looks so pretty now!





Step 8:

IT’S TAG TIME! Now take your tag and print it out, using the same method of printing (adhering it to a sheet of paper, making it easier to run thorugh the printer). Just remember, here I’m using a laser printer. At this point, you can either just print it out on a regular printer and stop here or use transfer gel if you want to use foil.





Step 9:

I personally use a laminator to do my foiling. I place the foil right side up onto my printed side of my tag, and place it into a sheet of paper, folded over before running it through the machine.





Step 10:

Be sure to send the folded end through the laminator first. I usually run it through twice on the high setting.






Step 11:

Once it’s run through the machine, you can see the image through the foil.





Step 12:

Pull off the foil, and there you reveal your beautifully foiled tag!




Final Project:

Here you see the finished bags and tag. What a fun project to do for someone special on their birthday! Even better when you fill them with some goodies, right??

I hope this has inspired you to do some of your own printing! Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings, Jeanie Ellis, DT



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