Perpetual Calendar

January 13th, 2019 § 1 comment


Perpetual Calendar
Hi and Happy New Year from me to you, fellow crafters! It’s time once again to share with you a project I made using product from Whisker Graphics. I wanted to make something a little different (for me anyway), and something that will be useful in the years to come (until I wear it out! 😊 ). For this project, I decided to make a Perpetual Calendar that I can set on my desk. This can be made any size you want, but I’ll show you what I did to make mine, along with a box I created for it. Let’s begin, shall we?
Supplies needed:
The Middy Bitty Bags-4 and Bigger Bitty Bags-6 (depends on size of your tags), 8 large tags, cardboard for box and chipboard for tags, white cardstock, double sided tape, glue, and distress ink.




Making the Box
Step 1: Cutting the box
I cut out a piece of cardboard for my box 9”x6” and cut off 2” from each corner to get the box pattern.


Step 2: Box sides
If you’re using cardboard, as I have done, you can take a ruler and run it on it side and crease with a bone folder, in order to get your sides made for your box. If you are using chipboard for your box, I use my trimmer to cut into the chipboard without going all the way through in order to make my fold.



Step 3: Corner Stabilizers

In order to get the box sides to stay up, we’re going to need to make some “stabilizers”. Cut out 2 – 1”x5” strips and 8 – 1”x2” strips, fold each in half with bone folder.




Step 4 and Step 5: Prepping the stabilizers
I neglected to mention that you’ll need scissors, but here I have angled cut each strip so they’ll fit better in the box. I then took my double sided tape (I used Scor-Tape) and adhered to one side of the stabilizers.






Step 6: Insert stabilizers
The larger strips will go inside your box, and 4 smaller ones on the inside and 4 smaller ones on the outside of each corner. This can be a bit tricky, so if you want, you can temporarily use masking tape on the outside of your box to hold it into place until you get your stabilizers in.



Step 7: Decorate your box
You can either decorate your box now, or wait until you’ve finished getting all your inside pieces done. Either way works. Here I’ve decorated the outside with a leftover piece of a bag and glued on twine. You’ll see the final results in the final pictures.




Time for the Tags!
Step 1: Tags for Months of the Year
Here I’ve used the Middy Kraft bags as my mounting paper. I cut out a tag using chipboard that will fit inside my bag. I then folded over the top and the corners and glued them down with double sided tape (liquid glue is fine too).




Step 2: Adding a layer
I wanted to put a decorative piece on top each side of the tag, so I used a smaller template of my original tag, opened up a bag by cutting the folded end open and further opening up the bag all the way. I then laid it on top of the bag so I could cut out my mounting paper (think of it as using scrapbook paper).







Step 3: Adhere
Mount your cut out piece on both sides of your tag and adhere to your tag.




Step 4: Tags for Days of the Week
Now cut out the size of tags you need for your Days of the Week. Mine are cut to 5”x5 ¼”. I totally covered both sides of the tag without leaving a margin.







Step 5: Add your Titles
This is a sample of my titles. Here you see a day of the week. In the final picture you will see everything finished, with Months, Days, and Dates. You can either use pre-made stickers or cut out your words from a die cut machine. Since I didn’t have stickers, I cut mine out with my Cameo and used a glue stick to adhere.




Using the large tags for your Numbers
Step 1: Prep
I needed to trim off ¾” from the bottom of my tag. I wanted to do this last, to see if I needed to shorten them any. As it was, I did need to trim.


Step 2: Distressing
I used Tim Holtz Distress Oxide in Walnut stain. I inked all around the edges and lightly in the middle on both sides of the tag.




Step 3: Cut a strip for border
I used this strip to make a border on both sides of my tag so I’d have room for my numbers. Now, let’s look at the final project! hope you give this a try! It’s such a fun project!



All done!




Blessings, Jeanie Ellis – Scrapbookingmamaw

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