Bitty Bag Frame

March 4th, 2019 § 0 comments

Bitty Bag Frame

Hello, everyone! Jeanie Ellis, DT here to show you another step by step instructional how-to! I hope that you will find it inspirational! Let’s get started!

First off, supplies are always first, right? Sometimes, additional supplies are needed. Here are the basic supplies I started off with:


I started off by gathering the main items that I needed: A Kraft frame, Twine, and Hot Glue. I was going to twine all around the frame but changed that as you will see in the steps outlined below.




Step 1:

I gently took apart the frame, which was a pretty easy process. Thankfully!




Step 2:

Here’s where I changed my mind about wrapping twine all the way around. I decided to incorporate some of the Large Bitty Bags into the project. So I cut off the sealed ends and trimmed the open end to make it even.




Step 3:

I then opened up the bag and trimmed any uneven edges.




Step 4:

I then measured the sides of the frame to get the dimensions I needed to trim the paper. Because mine had curved inside corners, I decided I wouldn’t go from edge to edge, but just to the curve for my measurement. For my edges, they were 6 ¼” on the long sides and 4 ¼” on the shorter sides.

I also measured the width of the sides, which in this case was 1 ½”. In order to wrap around the edges so that I could glue on the back, I doubled that width to 3” wide. I then cut out 2- 6 ¼”x3” and 2- 4 ¼”x3”.




Step 5:

I took one of the pieces (I started with the longer edges first) and began hot gluing it onto the back, then wrapped it toward the front, and then back onto the backside again, gluing that end down also. It’s just a matter of wrapping around the edges. Be sure to pull tight without tearing the paper.




Step 6:

Here’s the back of one edge wrapped and glued. The space in between the paper is no issue, as it won’t be seen.




Step 7:

Now all 4 sides are wrapped. You could leave it at this point if you want to, and simply decorate. But I wanted to add twine….of course, right??




Step 8:

I took a piece of twine (the black metallic in this case), and glued the end down to the back.





Step 9:

Wrap around the frame like this…..




Ending with this….




Step 10:

Now do the same with the white metallic twine but be sure to keep a gap of the frame showing, as it was with the black twine. You don’t want to cover the whole corner. You’ll see why in a bit.




Step 11:

Now begin gluing your frame back together. Here you see I used hot glue, but I recommend a glue that will dry slower, just so you can be sure your edges are even. You can also decide to glue all the way around the edges or keep one side open to insert a picture. It just depends on how you want to use your frame. (You also see here that I’ve left that gap open in the corner where the white twine is.)




Step 12:

I wanted to decorate my corners now, so I took a scallop punch and punched out 4 scallops.




Step 13:

I took my hot glue and placed a small amount into approximately the center of the scallop and wrapped around each of the inverted ends of the scallop. I then placed them into the 4 corners, and added a button onto the top center of each scallop.








Final Project:

Here you see where I’ve added those buttons.



I hope that my project has inspired you to make your own frame or given you inspiration to try something different! And thank you for stopping by!


Jeanie Ellis, DT

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