String Art Cards

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Hi Bev here today and for this project I am experimenting with string art using Whisker Graphics divine twine.  I used many layers some popped up, die cut sentiment and a great string art design.


Start this project I am taping the design to the base cardstock to be sure it fits the card base.





I used an awl to pop the holes into the paper.





Following the #’s on the design sheet I weaved the twine up and down following the pattern.





Here is the finished design.





Here is the finished card …. using great twine and monochromatic colours.





Here is a bonus project trying yet another string art design on a card.





Perfect for your Divine Twine Collection!

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Colleen from Scrappin Granny here today sharing a must have for your craft room.  I just love all my twine I get from Whisker Graphics but had no way to store them so I came up with an idea!


I bought a wooden lazy susan and had my husband drill additional holes and cut the dowel rods cut into a size that would hold two balls of twine.  I didn’t have to glue or nail the dowels in they fit perfectly.




You can stack them on top of each other and color code them.  Next time you go to use your twine just cut off the amount you need and you are all set.




I got two of these from the purchase of one lazy susan so I now have lots of room for more twine.  (Can you tell I love my twine from Whisker Graphics.

Thanks for stopping by and stop by and let me know if you give this a try and please check out the store at Whisker Graphics to see all the other wonderful products.

Birthday Happy Mail!

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HI!  It’s Michelle here….

I’ve got some birthday happy mail to send out this month and wanted to crafty up my wrap a little bit by using Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics!

This first package I kept super simple. Summer colors, and a pretty clean look.

I attached a large colored tag, topped it with some diecut HAPPYs, and then finished it off with a button.

Easy peasy.




I went a little fancier on this next package.




I keep a paper bow template set in my craft drawer and decided to bring it out and use some gift wrap remnant to make a bow to top my package with.

Step 1:





Step 2:

Step 3:


Step 4:

Aren’t paper bows just the best?!


….And, (drum roll…) the FINAL !




Here’s a shot of some crafty wrap I did for another birthday.

I used this super rad Casablanca bag, topped it with some tickets, another HAPPY diecut, a gold heart sticker, and a little wooden star.





Birthdays.  They are the BEST.




A blast from the past: Stephanie’s – Halloween Treat Boxes

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As we move into fall and Halloween is around the corner, we selected a fun project from the past!


Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman from Live Laugh Scrap here today with some Halloween treat boxes. Whisker Graphics twine adds a nice finishing touch to each treat box.
Starting with a 4″ square panel of cardstock, I scored at 1″ around the panel.  Cutting into the corners, I folded up on the scored lines and adhered them together creating little boxes which form the bottom of each treat box.






I cut Halloween pattern paper 5 1/2″ x 8″ and wrapped each piece around the box.  Using a punch, I punched circles in the top of each treat box.  To create the handles for each treat box, I used Spellbinders dies, adhering them over the punched area.





I tied Whisker Graphics craft twine – Bright White Solid – to the top of two of the trick or treat boxes.







For the other two, I wrapped the twine around the handles. Trick or Treat from Joy Clair stamps was stamped, punched and matted with a larger circle. I then tied the stamped sentiment to the treat boxes with Whisker Graphics’ craft twine – Wheat Diva







Now, simply fill these trick or treat boxes with assorted candies and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.


How to use Bitty Bags in your journals!

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Hello, everyone! It’s Nancy here today with a new project share! In today’s post I am sharing a number of ways to use Bitty Bags in your journals. Whisker Graphics has an incredible selection of these fabulous bags! I will link to the size only but you need to check out the amazing color selection! I chose bags that kept with my journal color.

I’m filling a journal that I previously decorated for Clear Scraps.  You can find the link HERE.


On the inside front cover, I adhered a Bigger Bitty Bag – Gold Metallic. I trimmed just a little bit off the top, and punched a half-circle. This is the perfect spot to keep extra large tags that I add as pages. On the right I added a matching Little Bitty Bag – Gold. This is the perfect spot for a Large Gift Tag.


Here’s another option for the same Little Bitty Bags.  Turn them sideways on the page, and insert the Large Tags.

Here I’ve used a Middy Biddy Bag – Gold.  With two small folds, it now holds a very large cardstock tag, and one of the Large Colored Tags.


I think this bag is my very favorite from all of the bags! :o) This is just a beautiful Middy Bitty Bag adhered to a page. Then I cut a very large kraft tag to fill it.  It fits in beautifully with the color scheme of my album!


Moving on to one of my blue pages, I’ve added a Middy Bitty Bag – Glassine. Then I cut a large matching cardstock tag to fill it.  This provides a wonderful opportunity to add some ephemera, or some stamping.

Here’s another idea using the Middy Bitty Bags – Gold. I took two of the gold metallic bags, and adhered them together along three sides,  leaving the one long side open. The holes were punched in the side that was adhered together.  This creates a great pocket page! It holds two big tags in the top bag pockets,  and a couple of tags along the side pocket.


This is the other side of it:

For my final idea, I have trimmed and layered two bags on top of each other. I began by trimming a Middy Bitty Bag down to a square, and adhering it to the page. Then I took a coordinating Little Bitty Bag,  trimmed it down, and adhered it on top of the other bag.  I cut a large cardstock tag for the one pocket,  and added a Large Colored Tag to the other.


That’s just a few of the ways I’m using these great little gift bags! They’re so much fun! Head on over to Whisker Graphics and check out all the wonderful colors and patterns that are available!

Next time…I’ll show you how I’ll add twine to these pages!

* * * * *

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back again soon with another project share!

Come visit me at The Nickel Nook!

Fun with some String Art

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OMG I am having great fun using Whisker Graphics twine for a background. It was fun and was perfect with the photo of my youngest Grand Daughter with a shredded blanket that she carried everywhere with her. It was almost as stringy as the background LOL. Whisker Graphics has an amazing collection of twine to choose from.
Supply List:


To start this background I inked some colours behind where I proposed to put the strips of many colours and rows of coloured twine.




In these close ups you can see more details. The chippies are inked in a mix of colours to coordinate with the page colours.




I added lots of chippies and in this section I added a flair button accent.




Here is the main section with the photo on the twine background with fabulous tags.












Check out the store for all the available products that will make your crafting so much easier and view the Blog often to be inspired with all the creative inspiration.


Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon when I come back with so many more projects using Whisker Graphics products!



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Hey there!

I am up on the Whisker Graphics Blog today with a thank you gift I created.

I started my project with a red striped Bigger Bitty Bag from the Sample Set

I added a Gold Polka Dot Little Bitty Bag from the Sample Set and tucked a Large White Tag in the bag.

I added a piece of red corrugated paper, some gold thread and placed a Sweet Sticky Label on it. I added a gold “Thanks” sticker to the top along with a flower I made using Divine Twine I tied a piece of added some stitching and enamel stars:

Here’s a side view of the layers:

Lastly, I used some more of the Divine Twine to add a bow to the tag. I added a few scrappy embellishments inside. I closed the bag by folding over the top, punching a hole on each side and wrapping the Divine Twine and tied it with a bow:

I love how this turned out and it will make a great gift for a scrappy friend!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Baby Album

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Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here with a baby album using twine, tags and bags as decorative elements.

– Divine Twine Collection – Bright White Solid
– Divine Twine Knots – Brown Sugar
– Divine Twine Bamboo – Green & White
– Little Bitty Bags – White
– Small Colored Tags
– Makin’sⓇ Clay – white clay


The front cover “B” was covered with pink paper. A bunny was fussy cut and seated by the bottom window. Several flowers created with Makin’sⓇ Clay were painted pink and blue and then added to the cover. Bright White Twine was then tied to the letter, giving the front page lots of texture.



The letter “A” was kept simple with a strip of rhinestones added down the edge.A Makin’sⓇ Clay created button was added in the corner.




Twine can be used is so many ways, not just to tie something to your project. Using 3 strands of Brown Sugar Twine, I braided them together.



The braid was then adhered around the interior letter “B”.  Pattern paper was adhered to the back of the letter allowing the sweet words to show.



Happiness was stamped on a white bag and a tag was placed inside.  The bag was adhered to the letter and white twine added to the tag.



Stamping on a bag adds a fun element. Slip a small tag inside and tie with Green and White Bamboo twine. Jeweled ribbon was adhered around the letter “Y” and a clay button was added to the corner.



Finally I tied assorted colors of twine to the rings of the album.

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.

A Birthday Banner

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Colleen from Scrappin Granny here today with a birthday banner.

I started by cutting out a couple different size stars with two shades of yellow cardstock.

The next step is to fold them so they become three dimensional.  I drew lines on this star so you can see where you are going to fold them.  I used my Scorepad and bone folder to make sure I had nice crisp folds.

Here is one that I folded to show you.

You fold all the stars that you need in this way.  Now that you have them folded you need to punch some holes in the corners of each star.

Now you pick our the twine you want to use. I used the Divine Twine in Navy and threaded the twine through the holes.

Once I got this step done I decided I wanted to add the “Happy Birthday” to the banner.  Since I didn’t have the shade of blue I wanted I cut out the letters using my Silhouette Cameo and then inked the letters with Navy Blue Ink.  I used the Avery labels to cut out the letters so all I had to do was add them to the stars, no glue needed.

Now all that is needed is for the day of the birthday party to arrive.  The beauty of this project is you can use stars for all kinds of different events and I hope you have fun making a banner for your special event.

So until next time have fun scrapping.  Follow me @ Scrappin Granny

Thinking of You Pocket Card

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Thinking of You Pocket Card

Hello, everyone! It’s good to be back! Today I want to share with you a tutorial on using the Bitty Bags to make a Pocket Card! It was a lot of fun! So let’s get started with a supply list (more supplies added as we go along).

Supplies: Twine, Tags (I used 4), 2 Large Bitty Bags, ATG (or any adhesive), Liquid Glue, and any type of photos or diecuts you would like to use.





Step 1: Fold each of your bitty bags in half. Use a bone folder for a nice crease.




Step 2: Now emboss the side with the pocket using an embossing machine. This step is optional.

Step 3: Take the bottom end of the bag and carefully peel it open. If you have an adhesive remover, it’ll make it easier to open. I didn’t use a remover…but I did open it very carefully!





Step 4: Take your trimmer and cut along the “folded line” to make it even. Do not re-seal the opening!





Step 5: Now glue the front inside of the bag to the back inside of the bag, making 2 pockets.






Step 6:  Be sure to glue down in unwanted openings. You should only end up with 4 pockets if you use 2 Bitty Bags





Step 7: I then took my pockets and tags and distressed the edges using Tim Holtz Ink Oxides Black Soot.





Step 8: You should have 2 pieces, each piece having 2 pockets. Take some good double-sided tape and tape along the unopened side of the pockets. You only need to do this on 1 of the pieces. Put the 2 pieces together, being sure the bottoms and sides are even.





Step 9: Now open it back up and use your bone folder to crease the inside down. This will help your pocket card to lay flat.





Step 10: It’s time to work on your tags! You can decorate these anyway you want, but I used washi tape to decorate mine. I simply laid them in an angle and then trimmed the excess off.







Step 11: Here’s where you can take old photos or any type of decoration you want. I used some of the Tim Holtz photos that were already cut to shape. I also inked around the edges of the photo so they would show up better. I layered her on top of the tag.





Step 12: I realized that in order to lay the tags in the pockets sideways, they would definitely slide too far into the pockets. Which is ok, but I wanted them to stand out some. Or, if you prefer, you can turn them the other direction. However, I thought I would just sew a line to the point I wanted the tags to rest inside. I can’t tell you how easy these bags were to sew! I had never sewn any kind of card before, and this was really easy and a fun technique to do!






Step 13: To hide the sew lines, I just added twine all the way around each side (inside of front pocket to outside of front pocket, and also for the back section).





Now you can decorate your bag inside and out the way you want. I also used Avery #80508 Pearlized Scallop Round Labels to add a couple of sentiments to the inside, as you will see in the finalized photos below.










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