Spring and Easter Fun!

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Hello, friends!

It’s Nancy here to share a fun project created with products from the Whisker Graphics Shop!


Doesn’t that just shout Spring and Easter? :o)

Here are the Whisker Graphics products I used to make it:





Whisker Graphics Products Used:

Large Colored Tags – Yellow, Green, Pink, White

Little Bitty Bags – Polka Dot

Divine Twine Collection – Yellow

Divine Twine Bamboo – Green, Pink, Blue




I pulled some fun Easter stamps out of my stash.

I stamped the images with Versamark ink,

and heat embossed them using coordinating embossing powders.

The green doesn’t show up very well in the photo

but in person it shows up very nicely.





I looped twine through the top of each tag,

and then tied a matching bow around each bag.

I just love how everything coordinates so beautifully!





Here they are all tucked in.

What do you do with them now?

They would be lovely tucked into an Easter basket!

There’s lots of room on the back of the tag to write a message.

You could adhere the bag to the front of an A2 card base.

You could bundle a few of these together,

and present them as a hostess gift.

You could use them as an insert in your Easter mini album,

or on your Easter layouts.

So many fun ways to use these Easter tag tucks! :o)



I hope I’ve given you some fun ideas!

There’s so many great ways to use tags, and bags and twine!


* * * * *

Thanks for stopping by!

I’ll be back again soon with another project share!


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Easter Canvas

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Colleen from Scrappin Granny here today to share a canvas I made for Easter.  This is so fun and easy, what a great time you could have with your kids or grandkids making these.

I started with a blank canvas and painted it.  I used white with a drop of brown paint and just painted  on the canvas.




Once it was dry I got my twine.  I used two different colors, I used wheat twine as well as Solid Brown twine .  I started winding it from top to bottom and stopped when I thought I had enough, for me that was 20 times.




Next I went across the twine I just wound and again I went around 20 times.




Next to tie it all together I just wound the twine around the center.




I added a metal flower to the center and cut out the verse from vinyl using my Silhouette.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will give this a try.  Remember to use your imagination and I can’t wait to see what you create.

Bitty Bag Frame

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Bitty Bag Frame

Hello, everyone! Jeanie Ellis, DT here to show you another step by step instructional how-to! I hope that you will find it inspirational! Let’s get started!

First off, supplies are always first, right? Sometimes, additional supplies are needed. Here are the basic supplies I started off with:


I started off by gathering the main items that I needed: A Kraft frame, Twine, and Hot Glue. I was going to twine all around the frame but changed that as you will see in the steps outlined below.




Step 1:

I gently took apart the frame, which was a pretty easy process. Thankfully!




Step 2:

Here’s where I changed my mind about wrapping twine all the way around. I decided to incorporate some of the Large Bitty Bags into the project. So I cut off the sealed ends and trimmed the open end to make it even.




Step 3:

I then opened up the bag and trimmed any uneven edges.




Step 4:

I then measured the sides of the frame to get the dimensions I needed to trim the paper. Because mine had curved inside corners, I decided I wouldn’t go from edge to edge, but just to the curve for my measurement. For my edges, they were 6 ¼” on the long sides and 4 ¼” on the shorter sides.

I also measured the width of the sides, which in this case was 1 ½”. In order to wrap around the edges so that I could glue on the back, I doubled that width to 3” wide. I then cut out 2- 6 ¼”x3” and 2- 4 ¼”x3”.




Step 5:

I took one of the pieces (I started with the longer edges first) and began hot gluing it onto the back, then wrapped it toward the front, and then back onto the backside again, gluing that end down also. It’s just a matter of wrapping around the edges. Be sure to pull tight without tearing the paper.




Step 6:

Here’s the back of one edge wrapped and glued. The space in between the paper is no issue, as it won’t be seen.




Step 7:

Now all 4 sides are wrapped. You could leave it at this point if you want to, and simply decorate. But I wanted to add twine….of course, right??




Step 8:

I took a piece of twine (the black metallic in this case), and glued the end down to the back.





Step 9:

Wrap around the frame like this…..




Ending with this….




Step 10:

Now do the same with the white metallic twine but be sure to keep a gap of the frame showing, as it was with the black twine. You don’t want to cover the whole corner. You’ll see why in a bit.




Step 11:

Now begin gluing your frame back together. Here you see I used hot glue, but I recommend a glue that will dry slower, just so you can be sure your edges are even. You can also decide to glue all the way around the edges or keep one side open to insert a picture. It just depends on how you want to use your frame. (You also see here that I’ve left that gap open in the corner where the white twine is.)




Step 12:

I wanted to decorate my corners now, so I took a scallop punch and punched out 4 scallops.




Step 13:

I took my hot glue and placed a small amount into approximately the center of the scallop and wrapped around each of the inverted ends of the scallop. I then placed them into the 4 corners, and added a button onto the top center of each scallop.








Final Project:

Here you see where I’ve added those buttons.



I hope that my project has inspired you to make your own frame or given you inspiration to try something different! And thank you for stopping by!


Jeanie Ellis, DT

Using Twine for a Card

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OMG I am having great fun using Whisker Graphics twine on my card. Using single threads and following patterns along with the addition of a bead… it makes and amazing card accent. Whisker Graphics has an amazing collection of twine colours to choose from.

To make this card I awl punched out the pattern. Use some that available online or make your own.




Following from one side to the other going up and down through the paper pattern create your twine accent.








Next I added beads to finish the pattern off.





This accent piece was squared off, matted for coloured layers and popped up using foam dots for depth and dimension.


I put it onto the floral paper base, added the die cut sentiment and corner accents. It makes and awesome card design.





Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon when I come back with so many more projects using Whisker Graphics products.

Valentines’s Day Tag

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Hey there friends!

Today I am sharing a Valentine’s tag I created for Whisker Graphics.

I used a:

Here’s my process:

I glued patterned paper to the tag and then trimmed off the excess:




I cut the Sweet Sticky Label in half. Using a pencil, I traced part of a heart on each side:




I used a push pin to punch holes along the pencil line of the heart:




I decided to use the Red Solid Divine Twine to hand stitch the hearts:




I peeled the twine apart, using two strands instead of the whole strand so that the stitching wouldn’t be so thick on this small space:




I popped the Sweet Stickys Label up using foam. I fussy cut the “XO” from patterned paper and glued that on my tag:





I finished off the tag with a Divine Twine bow:






I love how this tag came out and will be adding it to a Valentine’s Day card.



Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


A Page from My Scrapbook…

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Colleen from Scrappin Granny here sharing a scrapbook page with you.  I had so much fun creating this page using products from the Whisker Graphics store.


I started this page by picking out some Gray Divine Twine.  I cut 3 equal lengths of twine and then starting braiding it.




Once I had it braided I put it in a mixture of white glue and water and made sure the twine was thouroughly coated.




Next I cut a single piece of twine and put that in the water and glue mixture.




While this mixture was soaking up the glue and water I arranged the braided twine into the shape I wanted.  I put this on a silcone mat so it would stick.




While this was still wet I took the single strand of twine and wrapped it around the braided twine.  I wanted it to look like the barbs on bard wire.




Don’t worry about the lengths as you can cut them after everything is dry.  I left mine overnight to dry.  While this was drying I two tags and inked and sprayed them and left them to dry overnight as well.  I tell you that the tags are just so great to work with, love how easy they take the ink and spray.




Once both items were dry I started assembling the rest of the items on the page.  I love how the tags gave a rustic feel and the bard wire turned out just like I wanted it to.



Please check out the rest of the awesome products in the store.

So until the next time have fun creating.


Perpetual Calendar

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Perpetual Calendar
Hi and Happy New Year from me to you, fellow crafters! It’s time once again to share with you a project I made using product from Whisker Graphics. I wanted to make something a little different (for me anyway), and something that will be useful in the years to come (until I wear it out! 😊 ). For this project, I decided to make a Perpetual Calendar that I can set on my desk. This can be made any size you want, but I’ll show you what I did to make mine, along with a box I created for it. Let’s begin, shall we?
Supplies needed:
The Middy Bitty Bags-4 and Bigger Bitty Bags-6 (depends on size of your tags), 8 large tags, cardboard for box and chipboard for tags, white cardstock, double sided tape, glue, and distress ink.




Making the Box
Step 1: Cutting the box
I cut out a piece of cardboard for my box 9”x6” and cut off 2” from each corner to get the box pattern.


Step 2: Box sides
If you’re using cardboard, as I have done, you can take a ruler and run it on it side and crease with a bone folder, in order to get your sides made for your box. If you are using chipboard for your box, I use my trimmer to cut into the chipboard without going all the way through in order to make my fold.



Step 3: Corner Stabilizers

In order to get the box sides to stay up, we’re going to need to make some “stabilizers”. Cut out 2 – 1”x5” strips and 8 – 1”x2” strips, fold each in half with bone folder.




Step 4 and Step 5: Prepping the stabilizers
I neglected to mention that you’ll need scissors, but here I have angled cut each strip so they’ll fit better in the box. I then took my double sided tape (I used Scor-Tape) and adhered to one side of the stabilizers.






Step 6: Insert stabilizers
The larger strips will go inside your box, and 4 smaller ones on the inside and 4 smaller ones on the outside of each corner. This can be a bit tricky, so if you want, you can temporarily use masking tape on the outside of your box to hold it into place until you get your stabilizers in.



Step 7: Decorate your box
You can either decorate your box now, or wait until you’ve finished getting all your inside pieces done. Either way works. Here I’ve decorated the outside with a leftover piece of a bag and glued on twine. You’ll see the final results in the final pictures.




Time for the Tags!
Step 1: Tags for Months of the Year
Here I’ve used the Middy Kraft bags as my mounting paper. I cut out a tag using chipboard that will fit inside my bag. I then folded over the top and the corners and glued them down with double sided tape (liquid glue is fine too).




Step 2: Adding a layer
I wanted to put a decorative piece on top each side of the tag, so I used a smaller template of my original tag, opened up a bag by cutting the folded end open and further opening up the bag all the way. I then laid it on top of the bag so I could cut out my mounting paper (think of it as using scrapbook paper).







Step 3: Adhere
Mount your cut out piece on both sides of your tag and adhere to your tag.




Step 4: Tags for Days of the Week
Now cut out the size of tags you need for your Days of the Week. Mine are cut to 5”x5 ¼”. I totally covered both sides of the tag without leaving a margin.







Step 5: Add your Titles
This is a sample of my titles. Here you see a day of the week. In the final picture you will see everything finished, with Months, Days, and Dates. You can either use pre-made stickers or cut out your words from a die cut machine. Since I didn’t have stickers, I cut mine out with my Cameo and used a glue stick to adhere.




Using the large tags for your Numbers
Step 1: Prep
I needed to trim off ¾” from the bottom of my tag. I wanted to do this last, to see if I needed to shorten them any. As it was, I did need to trim.


Step 2: Distressing
I used Tim Holtz Distress Oxide in Walnut stain. I inked all around the edges and lightly in the middle on both sides of the tag.




Step 3: Cut a strip for border
I used this strip to make a border on both sides of my tag so I’d have room for my numbers. Now, let’s look at the final project! hope you give this a try! It’s such a fun project!



All done!




Blessings, Jeanie Ellis – Scrapbookingmamaw

Valentine’s Day!

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Hello, everyone!

It’s Nancy here to share a fun project

created with products from the Whisker Graphics Shop!

 I thought it was a good time to share a Valentine idea!

Here’s what I created:


I used the Middy Biddy Bags in black and red, in the Casablanca design.

I also used the Red Divine Twine Bamboo.

I use this twine so much that I’ve lost my label along the way.

With thoughts, and projects, turning to love…

…I thought it would be fun to do something a little bit different.

I came up with a simple little crocheted heart pattern to share with you.

If you don’t crochet yet, you really should! lol

It’s just too much fun not to.

This twine is fabulous for projects like this.

I used a 4.00 mm hook (G/6 US size)

Crochet Heart Pattern

Leaving enough of a tail to tie a bow, chain 3.

Into first chain made, work 3 dc, 3 sc, ch 1, 1 sc, ch 1, 3 sc, 3 dc.

Ch 3, sl st into beginning spot to end off. Leave enough of a tail to tie a bow.

Now take both ends of twine and tie a bow.

Cut ends short, or leave them long.

I did one of each.

To help it form a nice heart shape,

just give a little tug to the sc at the bottom of the heart.

I added a little black pin through my hearts.

It adds a lovely little vintage touch.

This verse is what inspired me to create the little hearts.

Just click on the photo so you can see it to read it.

I inked the edges of these cards and layered them on cardstock.

Then I adhered them in place on the middy biddy bags.

I folded the top of the bag down, and adhered the heart in place.

These bags could hold a love note, a Valentine card,

or they could be stuffed full of sweet treats!

Other Materials Used:

Papers: Recollections – Cardstock;

Printables: Gecko Galz – Love Potion #9 Kit;

Pins: Making Memories – Vintage Pins.

* * * * *

I hope I’ve given you some fun ideas!

There are so many great ways to use tags, and bags and twine!

I also hope you enjoy my little freebie!

Please let me know if you try it! :o)

You can visit me at The Nickel Nook!

* * * * *

Thanks for stopping by!

I’ll be back again soon with another project share!


Wrapping Up the Year with Christmas Inspirations – Christmas is only 12 months away!!

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OMG I am having great fun using Whisker Graphics twine, tags and metal rimmed circle tags on my Christmas projects. Using twine on these projects is a fabulous way to decorate. Whisker Graphics has an amazing collection of twine and tags to choose from. The project above is a special style twine border.


For the first project I started with a card base, coloured digi image and will make the twine border first.




Starting on the lower edge of front print wrap many times around.




Tie off the front in the centre pulling things tight and tie a knot.




Add the large size button and tie a knot and finish with a tiny bow.




Up close of the finished twine and button border.




Add the image, brad trees, the ribbon and stamp the word christmas.




Up next is all these super fun and cute little gift boxes. I used the Heartfelt Creations box die cut. After die cutting from fabulous fun print papers I glued the box pieces together.




Now the trimming starts. I am using the metal rimmed circle tags and stamping them with a fun xmas stamped image… different ones and different colours.




Now I stamped the small tags with different images and different colours.




Here is a photo of the 2 tags all stamped up ready to add to the boxes. Each box is trimmed and tied up with twine… and the 2 tags are tied and accented with twine also.




These 2 view above showcase the finished boxes…. all done.




Up last, but not least, is a few fun cards… all finished off with wrapped twine or a tied bow.











Supply List:


  • Divine Twine
  • Small Tags: white
  • Metal Rimmed Circle Tags
  • Other: Print paper, stickers, accents, cardstock, brads, button, DS4J digi image, copic colourd, Stickles, stamping, ink, Heartfelt Creations box die.

For all the available products that will make your crafting so much easier go to Whisker Graphics.com often to be inspired with all the creative inspiration.


Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon when I come back with so many more projects using Whisker Graphics products.

The Perfect Christmas Gift Bag!

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It’s my day up, Christmas Eve on the Whisker Graphics blog and today’s a perfect for sharing a fun Holiday gift bag!

I used the Red Striped Bag from the Bigger Bitty Bags Sample Set for my gift bag. I folded the top over, punched a hole on each side and ran Divine Twine in the colors Red Solid, Green Solid and Aqua through the holes and tied a bow.

I stitched together a few patterned papers and adhered to the  Bigger Bitty Bag. Then I added a silver doily. I placed a  Green Polka Dot Little Bitty Bag on top of the doily along with a  Sweet Stick Label in black, some tangled  Green Solid Divine Twine. I added a  Large White Colored Tag inside the Green Polka Dotted Little Bitty Bag. I added patterned paper to a  White Small Colored Tag and to a  Metal Rimmed Circle Tag and tied them to the large tag using Divine Twine.

I can’t wait to add a few goodies to this fun gift bag and give to a coworker!



Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!