Champagne Cage Place Card Holders

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Here is a blast from the past taken from the Whisker Graphics archive. We’re going back 5 years but it is worth the trip. Check out these adorable placecard holders made from champagne cages. Name tags made with a simple White Tag would be perfect set against these fancy bistro chairs. Place them around your New Year’s table then wait to hear the oohs and ahs from your guests!

With the biggest champagne day of the year quickly approaching, be sure to save those twisty wire wraps. Click HERE to see a quick video tutorial by Tamara to make your set!

Divine Bookmark and Wrap Sets

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Love these versatile wrap and bookmark sets by WG Designer, Vicki Dutcher! At first glance, they say Halloween, but look again and you may catch a glimpse of the Holidays. The Divine Twine tassel and tag combinations double as bookmarks and make quick wrap when tied to the Bitty Bags. Don’t you love when the gift wrap is a gift in itself? From Halloween to New Year’s both make striking combinations. Check out Vicki’s tutorial at All I do is Stamp for a complete supply list along with her tassel technique and bookmark making tips. And, be sure to pop over to our website and pick up some of the supplies at 30% off. Black and Orange Sale ends Saturday! Happy wrapping!



4th of July Garland

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DSC_0384The 4th of July is right around the corner and this trendy tassel garland by Designer Rachel McAffee is sure to add some pop to your party decor! Made out of Middy Bitty Bags and Divine Twine, Rachel cuts and folds to create her tassels. Silver glitter stars and sequins give it some sparkle. For a full tutorial to get your party on, please see her blog at fawnprints.

Here’s all you need to get started:
Cherry Divine Twine
Navy Horizontal Stripe Middy Bag
Red Polka Dot Middy Bag
Gray Horizontal Stripe Middy Bag
Gray Chevron Middy Bag
Red Honeycomb Middy Bag
Silver Glitter Stars
Red, White and Blue Sequins

Pom Poms A-Go-Go!

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Design Team member, Vanessa Spencer, agrees that Divine Twine makes the cutest pom poms. She made a few miniature ones and then added them to some plain Tags that can be used to tie onto gifts.

Making the mini pom poms is so easy with just a fork and some scissors. Start by winding the twine around a fork, quite a few times (but not too much because if they’re too bulky it won’t work as well). Keep one end free so that once you have finished winding the twine around the fork, you can tie the two ends together securely.

Once you have tied the two ends together, pull the pom pom off the fork and fluff it up and then trim the pom pom so that any pieces that are too long are snipped off. Embellish a few tags by spritzing them with some ink sprays. Then stamp some really simple designs onto each tag.

Tie the tags to wrapped gifts, gift bags or just about anything to add some whimsy!

Vanessa Spencer is a mixed-media artist and crafter. You can learn more about Vanessa by visiting her blog

Doggy Bag Holder

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Okay Napolean, here’s a little something to throw together before the humans get back from the NSS. It’s sure to impress and may even give you a few doggie points (which frankly you may need after being alone for the past week!) For those of you who haven’t met Napolean, check us out on Facebook. He’s the French Bulldog that has taken over the shop this week while the human owners of Whisker Graphics are away at the National Stationery Show in NY. He’s running all kinds of specials, so follow us and stay tuned. This project comes to us from crafty, design team member, Betsy Skagen.  It’s a handy doggie bag holder. It’s right next to the leash so you can grab one on your way out the door. Wrapped in Polka Dot Middy bags and Napolean’s paw print and bone, it’s perfectly practical.


Here’s what you need:

Here’s how you make it, according to Betsy:

Step 1–Eat a lot of oatmeal

Step 2–Use the oatmeal container as your base for the doggie bag holder. Give the container and lid a coat or two of gesso so the graphics do not show through your paper covering.

Step 3–Reinforce the lid of the oatmeal container with strips of packing tape. I’m not entirely sure why packing companies now make their lids out of half cardboard/half plastic rather than all plastic, but it certainly makes it more flimsy.

Step 4–Lightly sand the gesso-covered container.

Step 5–Measure the height of the jar. If you are mathematically inclined, or you have a cloth measuring tape, you can also measure the diameter. Or, if you are lazy like me, you can wing it.

Step 6–Cut the closed end off a Red Polka Dot Bigger Bitty Bag and peel off the glued strip. Cut along the seam and trim the edge so that you end up with a large rectangular sheet of paper. Repeat with a second sheet.

Step 7–Trim the paper to the size of the container

Step 8–Cut open another Green Polka Dot Middy Bitty Bag and trace the lid and the end of the container onto the back of the Middy Bag paper. Cut out these circles. Draw doggy themed shapes onto this paper and cut out.

Step 9–Adhere the doggy themed shapes to a piece of coordinating cardstock and cut out.

Step 10–Cover the container in a thin coat of Mod Podge. Carefully wrap the container in your polka dot paper, leaving a little hanging off the open end. Cut small slits in the overhanging paper, fold down and adhere to the inside of the container.

Step 11– Punch a hole in each side of the container, about 1/2 inch from the top. Thread a length of Divine Twine Single Petites through the punched holes  and tie together inside the container in order to form a handle.

Step 12–Cover the lid and the container end with a thin coat of Mod Podge. Carefully adhere the two circles you previously cut out. Let dry.

Step 13–Adhere a decorative ribbon to the top edge of the container.

Step 14–Cut a small X in the lid of the jar.

Step 15–Adhere the doggy themed shapes to the container.

Now all you need to do is add some doggy bags, threading the first through the X you cut, close the lid and hang your new doggy bag holder.

Betsy has a fun blog with whimsical projects always presented with a good dose of humor! Be be sure to check it out  at Paper Calliope.

Bitty Bag Spring Wreath

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The classic front door wreath comes in many styles — floral, fabric, burlap, twine. The list goes on. Now, Team Designer, Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope, adds her spin to the mix using paper umbrellas! Made from our Polka Dot Middy Bags strung with Divine Twine, she creates a whimsical Springtime wreath in a rainbow of colors. She uses our new Divine Twine Petites. Available in 13 colors, each comes with 20 yards of twine — just enough for smaller projects or when you need just a little of a lot of colors! To make your own wreath, Betsy has made an easy-to-follow tutorial on her blog. Click here to give it a try!

Here’s a close-up!

Supplies Betsy used:
Polka Dot Middy Bitty Bags
Divine Twine Petites
Colored Glitter
Styrofoam ring
Wooden Butterflies
Candy Sticks
Hot Glue Gun

Divine Twine Pom Poms

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This is my kind of project – super easy, super cute! Design Team member, Savannah O’Gwynn, makes trendy little  Pom Poms, out of Divine Twine. Solid Coral is her color of choice.  Glittery Gold Polka Dot Bitty Bags are a wonderful contrast. Fill the bags, seal with washi tape and wrap with the Pom Pom. Done!  Experiment with different sizes and colors. If you’ve never made pom poms, check out THIS simple tutorial.


Look how cute they are displayed in a set!


Coral Solid Divine Twine
Metallic Gold Polka Dot Little Bitty Bags
Washi tape

For more fresh and easy ideas for Valentine’s Day and everyday, please find Savannah on her blog at Savannahland2

New Year’s Kiss wrapped in Bitty Bags!

December 30th, 2014 § 2 comments § permalink

new years party favor craft whisker graphics bitty bad divine twine

Just in time for your New Year’s party, Kerstie Pederson has a perfect party favor for the big night… Kisses wrapped in Bitty Bags. What an impressive display, yet so easy to make. For a complete tutorial with lots of pictures to follow, please see Kerstie’s Blog. Feel free to mix colors and design options to make your perfect kiss. Your guests will never know you threw it together at the last moment!

Here’s all you need:
Diagonal Striped Bigger Bitty Bag in Black
Metallic Gold Chevron Middy Bag
Gold Metallic Divine Twine
Silver Metallic Divine Twine
Small Colored Tags in White
Cardboard tubes
Hershey Kisses

Make substitutions where needed and have fun with this one!

We at Whisker Graphics HQ wish you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous and super fun 2015.  Happy New Year!

Bitty Bag Ornaments

December 18th, 2014 § 2 comments § permalink

Design team member Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope made these eye-catching honeycomb shaped ornaments using our Middy Bitty Bags and Divine Twine. Use them for lovely gifts or just to brighten your own holiday tree. To see a simple tutorial please click HERE. They’re easier to make than they look!



Supply List:

Glassine Bag Luminaries

December 9th, 2014 § 2 comments § permalink

Another fabulous holiday project comes our way from Design Team Member, Rachel McAfee. She’s created these gorgeous, glittery luminaries using Glassine Bags. They’re cut in half then punched with snowflakes. The glitter comes from the Mica sprinkled over an adhesive spray. You can create various sizes to fit your candles and create a stunning centerpiece. For more detailed instructions please see Rachel’s Blog. Love these!



Glassine Bags
Snowflake Punch
Double sided tape
Adhesive Spray
White Mica
Battery operated candles

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