Easy and Fun Divine Twine Bookmarks – Use them multiple ways…

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Colleen from Scrappin Granny here with a project you could use multiple ways.

With the fact school will be ending soon this first idea is something you could use with your children or grandchildren.

These are bookmarks that you can make and give as gifts or to encourage the children to read.























I made a girly one with curls by winding the twine around toothpicks, spraying lightly with water and clipping them with binder clips and then left them to dry. One of the tan ones I tied knots in the hair. You can just let the children use their imagination on these bookmarks.

I started by picking some of the yummy twine from the Whisker Graphics store, so many choices to pick from.  You can see the selection here @ the Whisker Graphics site.
Once you have your twine, you start by winding around your fingers.  The more fingers you use the bigger the hair will be.  I wound mine around 15 times.













Now you cut the twine off and hold it with one hand and push it through the opening of the paperclip.  I suggest you use the big colored paperclips.

Once you the twine through the paperclip then you can cut the one end and you have your hair.  You can then trim it as short as you would like.

Add wiggly eyes and your bookmark is done.


The next project was to use these bookmarks and make a card to send to your favorite book reader. You just add some of your favorite embellishments, add your bookmarks to the front of the card and it is ready to give to a special person.













The final project using the bookmark is for a scrapbook page.













I started the page by layering all the papers I decided to use, inked the edges and adhered them down.

I then added the photos and all the embellishments and the final touch was to add the bookmark for a little whimsy to the page.













I hope you will take some time and make some of these with your children or grandchildren.  Once you start you want to keep making more and keep trying new ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to come back again soon, I love to have visitors!




Whisker Graphics LOVES Mom’s – All Year Long!

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Hi everyone,  Steph Ackerman here today from Live Love Scrap with an ANY day Mother’s Day gift.  Mom’s always love flowers and gift cards, right?











Middy Bitty Bags
Little Bitty Bags – Small Brown
Divine Twine Bamboo – Green and White
Divine Twine Twists – Rasberrylemon
Spellbinders Dies
Joy Clair Stamps – Hello Sentiments; Mothers Day

Ink a Small Brown Little Bitty Bag with brown ink. Wrap it with Rasberrylemon Twine then adhere it to a Middy Bitty Bag.












Create flowers using Green and White Bamboo and Rasberrylemon Twines.








Start by placing adhesive on a 2″ white circle, then wrap the twine back and forth creating loops larger than the circle.










Place a 2nd circle on top of the completed flowers to hold the loops in place, then adhere the flowers to the bag.











Stamp “happy” on the bag with brown ink.










Stamp “Mother’s Day” on smaller circles and add to the flowers.













Wrap the flowers in tulle and tie together with the Bamboo Twine.












Place the flowers in the bag and tie on a larger Mother’s Day tag.











Slip a gift card in the small bag and give to Mom. I know she’ll love it.
























Thanks for stopping by.


Mother’s Day can be ANY day!!

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Today I’m sharing some Mother’s Day happy mail that I made to send to a a few of our aunts across the miles.

I started with these gold metallic polka dot Bigger Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics because only gold would be suitable for mamas on Mother’s Day!












I filled my bags with some fun little things that mamas often have in their purses: kleenex, lip balm, mints … and a couple pieces of candy.













Punching fun shapes in coordinating paper for your own confetti is a neat touch!













I embellished my bags with patterned paper, large white gift tags from Whisker Graphics and finished them off with gold metallic Divine Twine.























Michelle P.   Check out my other projects @ MichellePhilippi.com Crafting & Couponing


Mother’s Day ‘Middy Bitty Bag’ Shaker Gift Bag

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Hi It’s Kerry M.

Time to shake things up with a fun gift bag just for Mom!

Mother’s Day Shaker Gift Bag


  • Aqua Horizontal Middy Bitty Bag
  • Black Licorice Divine Twine
  • Frame die cut
  • Black cardstock
  • Butterfly shaker refill kit by Queen and Co.
  • Yellow and Purple pearlies by Queen and Co.
  • Enamel word phrases stickers
  • Black foam alphabet stickers
  • Glue
















  1. Diecut frame on black cardstock


















2. Adhere butterflies to bag removing only bottom adhesive strip










3. Fill butterflies half way only with pearlies









4. Seal top of butterfly shaker by removing top adhesive strip and adding clear overlay











5. Add “Thinking of You” pink enamel sticker










6. Add “MOM” using black foam alphabet letters











7. Adhere black and white twine bow and swirl patterns using glue












FINAL: Add gift & surprise Mom with her handcrafted packaging!


~Kerry M.














Wedding Table Decor – Divine Twine

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Hi all!  Katie here from Life in a Snapshot!

Spring and Summer are normally the peak seasons for planning that special wedding. With so much to organize and plan it is easy to find it all overwhelming. In this post I am going to show you how to turn a simple tea light into a stunning DIY wedding table decor.

Products used:










4 Easy Steps:

1) Wrap the bakers twine around the middle of the candle holder

2) Fix into place with a bit of glue

3) Gather your berries and glue them to the centre of the candle

4) Glue clusters of paper flowers to the centres. 

 These also make great gifts and home Decor.

































Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed this simple, yet charming wood and twine craft!

~ Katie L.

Creative uses for Bitty Buckets

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Ever since I first saw the bitty buckets on the whiskers graphics blog I immediately wanted to turn them into little paint buckets. I thought it would fun to fill them up with different colored frosting and let the kids “paint” a cake.

When the opportunity to have an art party came up I knew these would fit perfectly!

Materials used:

  • 4 Middy Bitty Buckets in Casablanca print (yellow, blue, pink and green)
  • Clear plastic cups
  • Frosting
  • Cake

I started my project by baking up a nice yellow cake in a 9×13 glass pan and whipping up some cream cheese frosting. I froze my cake overnight and kept my frosting in the fridge.

Before I removed the cakes from the freezer I prepped my plastic cups. You don’t have to use plastic cups, you can use foil, paper cups, or nothing at all. These are food safe buckets, however, the inside is lined with paper and I didn’t want the frosting to bleed through, so I chose to use plastic cups.

I scored them with a razor then fully cut the tops off. I measured how much I needed to cut off by just setting the cup next to the bucket, but plastic cups vary so I’d recommend measuring yours.


















Once the cups were cut, I popped the lids off the buckets and slid the cups in. You might have to bend in one edge to fit them in the top, but they will open up and should have a good fit once they’re inside.






















The following day, after the cake had just barely thawed, I used a biscuit cutter to cut little mini round cakes out of the full cake. I set them aside and prepped the frosting by mixing 1 1/2 cups of frosting with each color of food coloring. This is the amount of frosting I was able to fit into each bucket, but different frostings have different fluffiness so you may fit a little less or a little more.























For the party I put different color spoons in each bucket of frosting for the kids to spread on their mini cakes. Popsicle sticks fit great with these buckets as well since they look like mini paint stirrers!
















The kids loved using them to frost their little cakes and now that the party is over I’ve pulled out the cups and washed the tops off so they can be used again for a future treat!

























Thanks for checking in with us today

~Janae P.

Dressing Feathers with Divine Twine

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Dressing up Feathers with Divine Twine

Supplies Used:

  • Divine Twine grey solid
  • Divine Twine red solid
  • Divine Twine natural solid
  • Medium feathers (variety of colors)
  • beads (variety of colores)
  • scissors

So I am a Cub Master, and recently put together an Arrow of Light ceremony for a couple of Webelos.  The ceremony I used included feathers and I wanted to dress them up.  So I looked up how to wrap feathers. (website included below)


I first tried wrapping the feathers with leather strips but it wouldn’t hold.  So I decided to try it with my divine twine and the results were perfect.  First I would wrap 1-2 feathers together and then add the beads to the tails at the end.  I left a big enough loop at the top to go over the arrow head.






Jessica C.

Divine Twine Hinge Binding Scrapbook

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Twine Hinge Binding Tutorial Mini-Album

Hello, fellow crafters! I’m so excited to share with you my 2nd project as a new Designer with Whisker Graphics! I don’t want to take credit for the twine hinge method, but you can find it on YouTube by Sarah Elliott.  The link is: Twine Hinge Binding Tutorial

I did make some adjustments and used Divine Twine to suit my need for this project. I hope you enjoy it!


1. Gather all your supplies:
Chipboard, Printed Cardstock, Scissors, Ruler, Any kind of adhesive (I used multiples), Bone Folder, Tags, and Twine










2. Trim paper and chipboard to size. I cut 2 pieces of chipboard at 2 5/8” x 5 ¼” and 1 at 1 ½” x 5 ¼”. Then I cut a piece of printed cardstock for the cover, extending it about an inch all around. I also used score tape to adhere the chipboard to the cover, using a ruler to make sure the bottom edge is even.








3. After trimming the corners, I used my bone folder to score along the edges of the chipboard so they would fold easily.








4. I folded over the edges of the cardstock and adhered them with my tacky glue.









5. Now for the inside cover. I cut the paper to just under a tiny bit the size of the front cover. I then used my score tape (or any glue) to adhere the inside cover to the album. Optional: Use eyelets and twine to make a closure for the album.











6. Before folding the album, I used my bone folder to score along both sides of the spine so it would be easier to fold the front and back covers together.









7. I then took my twine and wrapped it around the spine several times (depending on how many pages you want). I started with an excess of twine on the outside of the spine and wrapped it around several times. In my case, I wanted 6 pages, so I made sure I had 6 strands on the inside of the spine. I ended on the back side and tied the 2 ends together.









8. I cut out 6 sheets of printed cardstock, each at 5 ¼” width x 4 ½” length, and then folded each page in half. Start slipping your pages into a “hinge”, gluing in the center, then fold and let that dry. Then I opened the page and glued on the right and bottom edges and closed so they could dry. You now have pocket pages.

















9. Once done with the pages, start on your tags. With my tags, I had to trim 1/8” on both sides to fit into the pockets. You may have to trim some on the bottom too.











10. Now add twine to the holes in your tags, place into your album, and embellish.











11. Optional: Take an Itty Bitty Bag and make a pocket out of it on the inside front cover. Because of the dimensions of my inside cover, I folded under about ¼” on both sides, then cut a tag out of the cardstock to fit.











All done!









Check out my blog at Jeanie Ellis – Scrapbookingmamaw

…and don’t forgot, the original tutorial can be found by Sarah Elliott @  Twine Hinge Binding Tutorial

Pink Polka Dot Bitty Bucket Project

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Colleen here with a pretty girly project. I saw this Bigger Bitty Bucket  in the Whisker Graphics online store and I could just see it turned into a sweet little girl gift.

I started with my sizzix dies and cut out the flowers using material that I had. Once the flowers were cut out, I layered them in the order I wanted and then misted all the flowers very well. I twisted the flowers up and held them in place with a binder clip and left them to dry. I left mine overnight to make sure they were nice and dry.































While the flowers were drying. I cut out some vines using a sizzix die. I also cut out a doily using a Cherry Lynn Die and inked the edges with pink. I also used a Cherry Lynn die to cut out two butterflies. Since this is for a little girl I wanted to make sure it sparkled so I added some glitter to make sure you could see it sparkle. I added a few beads down the center for the body.


























I adhered the doily to the top of the bucket and used a pop dot to make it stand up. Then I added the flower on top of the doily.





















The next step is to finish decorating the bucket or if you desire you could leave it with just the flower on top.

I used the rest of my flowers to add to the front of the bucket and some ribbons on the handle.



















One thing I love about these buckets is the key is hooked right to the handle which makes it so easy to open.









I had so much fun creating this little girl pretty bucket. You are so going to want to pick up a few buckets to create wonderful, easy and beautiful gifts.

I used The Best Glue Ever to adhere everything down and the hold is awesome.









Thanks for checking out my project this week.  To find more of my work you can find me @ Scrappin Granny!

Create A Summer Travel Book w/Bitty Bags

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Hi!! It´s DT Member Noe from SCN blog here!

Summer is coming and with it the time to travel during holidays !! Have you thought how easy and practical it can be to take you a small organizer in which to keep documents, maps, tickets and even a small notebook or some loose leaves in which to write your memories !!??
Well, today I bring you a small tutorial with which you can make a simple organizer for your trips … You will only need some bigger bitty bags, chipboard for the covers and some kraft cardstock!!












Ok, here we go!!The first thing to do is to adapt the size of our bitty bags, for that, cut to 6 inches in length and fold at 8 inches in height.








On a separate sheet, which will be the basis of our binding, we will mark and fold to:
– First mark at 1 inch and 3/4.
– Next we will make ten different marks every 3/4 of inches.
– To finish we will make a last mark at 1 inch and 3/4.

















To glue our envelopes, we must place the glue in the right fold of our “accordion”.










Once the glue is placed, we will fold the mark so that it is on top of our envelope … Press lightly until it dries.










To facilitate a correct drying, place small tongs on the spine and let dry for one hour.










The result should be this…










Make holes in the covers and pass small elastics bands (for it, measure the contour of the spine) through them and place the eyelet helping you of the Crop I Dile or similar tool.










For closing, put a brad on the cover and, on the back cover, place an elastic band attached with an eyelet.










Finally, decorate the covers of your organizer …





You got it!! Hope you like it!!
Have a nice week!!
See you son!


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