Divine Twine Easter Basket


Colleen L. here from Scrappin Granny…My first project at Whisker Graphics is a Easter Basket made from Divine Twine!

Directions on how to create the Easter Egg Basket

How cute, a little Easter Egg Basket you can make for your table decorations.  This is perfect sitting at each plate for Easter dinner and all the different colors you could create.





















I started with one of my Nestability dies to cut the egg shape.  I cut 2 shapes from cardboard, I used my cardboard from cereal boxes and then I cut 1 shape from felt.





















Now that you have everything cut out you are going to glue them together.  I glued the 2 pieces of cardboard together (if you cardboard is heavier than a cereal box you won’t need to cut 2) and then glue the felt on top.  Let this thoroughly dry.

The next step is to evenly put holes through the felt and cardboard.  I found the easiest way to do this was to use a very small punch.  I made my holes every ½ inch.












Now take plain everyday toothpicks and put them in the holes.  Once you have them all in the holes standing up straight, add glue to each toothpick.  Adding the glue will make sure they stay in place.












Once the glue has dried you will start weaving using some of the beautiful Diving Knots that you can get from the Whiskers Graphics Store .  This twine was so soft and easy to use.  You weave just like a basket weave, over one toothpick around the other toothpick and just keep going until you have the basket as big as you want.  If your toothpicks went through to the bottom of your egg, no problem just cut them off with your shears.











Once you have your basket as high as you want, just cut off the excess toothpicks.  I added a little glue to hold the twine in place.










Now you could leave your egg basket plain and fill it with candy or you can decorate the outside and please remember if you are going to put any kind of food in the basket stay away from glitter.

I used a punch to punch out a border to cover the top of the basket.  I put the border on both the inside and outside of the basket.






I wanted to cover the edges so you can either trim it up with shears or add something pretty.  I decided to braid some of the beautiful twine and glue it along the edges.










To finish off my egg basket I added some dew drops around the center and flowers to the front.









I hope you give this fun and easy Easter Egg Basket a try.



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