Road Trip Kit

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Summer is here and it’s time to hit the open road. I love road trips and can’t get enough of the scenic views in the United States! I have found that a little planning goes a long way to ensure that everyone has a great time. Check out my latest fun travel project.



  1. White tissue paper
  2. Various patterned papers
  3. State stamps by Lawn Fawn and Studio Calico
  4. Colored Markers
  5. Spray glue
  6. Black ink pad
  7. Chipboard letters
  8. USA wooden map by
  9. Black chalk paint
  10. Foam paint brush
  11. Plain Brown Middy Bitty Bag
  12. Plain White Middy Bitty Bags
  13. Notebook Middy Bitty Bags
  14. Orange Solid Divine Twine
  15. Green Solid Divine Twine
  16. Yellow Solid Divine Twine



















Stamp USA image onto white tissue paper











Use markers to color in the states you’ll be traveling to. Tear borders of the tissue paper manually










Embellish bag with Divine Twine and word banner

Use spray glue to adhere stamped tissue paper to bag











Cut and  adhere lined middy bag to white cardstock












Write trip itinerary, fun sights to see and fun state facts on lined notecard











Stamp state images on various colored pattern papers











Cut out and adhere stamped images to white bags

Decorate bags with pattern paper & twine












Stuff bags with travel itinerary,travel games and interesting state facts





































Color wooden map with black chalk paint




















Add Divine Twine to denote states that will be visited. Use chalk to draw route that will be taken and year.











Add chalkboard map and stuffed bags to a small box











Get ready for a fun, memorable family road trip!


Kerry McDaniel



A Journal for June

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Hi All –


I have been meaning to make a junk journal and discovered a simple way to bind books with Divine Twine.


1) Take and old hardcover book and cut out the page using a sharp knife.


2) Depending on how many signatures you want to create will depend on how much twine you will need but it always works out at double  the number of signatures. I used 5 on my journal so i did 10 lots of twine that where the length of the book i used. Leave a extra length or two at either end so that the book can be tied together.






 3) Once you have your lengths of twine, tightly wrap them around the spine.


4) Take the left end of the twine and thread it through the signatures at the back of the book. Gather the right end of the twine and tie a knot.


5) Next gather up your papers and any interesting mail and fold it all into a booklet. This is then threaded through the signatures and held in place with the twine.





6)  Fold a few Itty Bitty Bags in half and thread through the twine with the papers. These make great mini books and pockets.






7) Decorate the pages of your homemade journal with fun bits and pieces.

Thank you for visiting!

Katie L.  Follow me @ Life in a Snapshot


July 4th Banner

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Janae P., one of our talented Whisker Graphics Design Team Members created this 4th of July Banner!


I love summer and not many things go together better than summer and the 4th of July! You can start preparing your patriotic decorations now with this cute middy bag pennant banner!


For this custom holiday banner you will need:

  • Middy bags in red stripe, light blue honeycomb, navy casablanca, and white on brown kraft polka dot.
  • Red and white divine twine for stringing it up
  • Airmail divine twine for embellishing
  • Brown divine twine for embellishing
  • Various patriotic papers, embellishments and decorations
  • Navy cardstock
  • Red cardstock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A quilting needle

I started by gathering and preparing my embellishments.










I thought making mini paper fans to add to the banner would be fun. To make the mini versions you’ll need a 12″x 1″ piece of cardstock in whatever color you prefer.










You’ll need to accordion fold it until it and glue the ends together in a circular shape.
























Once the glue is well dried you can push the accordion down to form a full circle fan.

It is tricky to keep it down, but I just hold it while adding a little glue to the top edges and then press a paper circle on, holding it down until it dries.










Then you can add any other embellishments you’d like onto the top of the circle. I added buttons, paper stars and twine bows.









I then prepped my bags.

You’ll turn them upside down and cut a triangle shape out of the opening side.











Leave the sides intact as they’ll hold your final twine up. You’ll then cut tiny corners out of the top corners of your pennant. There will be two layers at the top of your pennant (originally the bottom of the bag) since there is a foldover from the bag. This is useful because it hides the corners you’ll be cutting out of only the front layer. These corner holes are so you can string your twine through each bag at the end.










At this point I glued down all of my embellishments and decor onto each pennant. I let the glue try and then it was time to string them up!

You need to string your choice of twine into a quilting needle. I chose a quilting needle because it has a good size eye for fitting the twine through. You can then string the twine through each bag. To get the needle through a little easier I was able to reach my hand up into each bag and move it along to the next hole – the bonus to making the pennants out of bags!










All done! These were so fun to put together and the colors were beautiful with the rest of my patriotic decor!













Thanks!  ~Janae

Bitty (Gift) Bucket for Teacher Appreciation

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Hi Jessica here!  With the end of the school year I decided to make thank you gifts for my kids teachers using my bitty buckets.











I started by cutting my blue and natural twine into six even pieces each.  I tied the blue strands together and the natural strands together to braid, putting the pieces together in twos. I made two blue braids and two natural braids.

















I then made my cards using the blue cards, white squares, and punched flowers.  I attached the cards to craft sticks to give them height.  I wrapped the braids (one blue and natural)  around a bitty bucket and used glue dots to adhere them to the bucket.  I glued my pink and yellow flower together and put a crystal on it.  and then used glue dots to attach them to the top of the braids.
























I filled the buckets with tissue paper and my teachers favorite candies and the card to finish.





Thx for checking out our Blog!

~Jessica C.


Give width…and a window…to your Bitty Bags!

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Hi!! It´s DT Member Noe here!! Do you want to make cute bags of candy to give away but the volume is too much to use your Bitty Bag? Stay with me! I show you how to give them width and make some lovely gift bags!

Step by Step:

  • Mark and fold to 1 1/2 inch on each side … On the bottom, cut a small strip to leave the bag open at both ends, and from this same part, mark at 2 inches.


  • Take the marks of the ends and fold for the middle part of the mark… You should have something like this:












I show you photos like folding the bottom of the bag:












  • This way we will give looseness and width to our bag to be able to fill it later.


  • Use a nice frame to make a little window to your bags … if you don´t have, cut a square with the help of a ruler or cuter …












Through the hollow made, place PVA very carefully and put on it a sheet of acetate or transparent plastic.












  • You only have to fill the bag with tasty sweets or what you want to give away.


  • Use a little Divine Twine to close your bag and don´t forget to use a little tag to put the name or a nice greeting!






~ Noe

Check out my blog @ El Scrap de Cris y Noe 


Design your own Bitty Bucket

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Bucket Gift Project
Hello, fellow crafters! I’m so glad to be sharing with you my 3rd Project for Whisker Graphics! For this project, I decided I’d make a gift bucket…not a gift bag, but a bucket! There’s a lot of things that can be done with buckets, but I wanted something that I could give as a little “pick me up” gift. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather your supplies. For this project, you’ll need a Bitty Bucket, ruler and/or tape measure, scissors, adhesive (I used ATG and liquid glue), paper trimmer, circle punch (I used ½” punch), pencil, a small round knob to use as a handle, and 2 sheets of 8”x8” paper. (Other supplies will be needed for decorating.)









Step 2: Begin by wrapping your tape measure (not shown here), around the circumference of the bucket and then from the top edge to the bottom edge, just inside the rims. Cut your paper to length and width. In this case, mine measured 6 3/8” long by 3 13/16” wide. You will need 2 of these.













Step 3: Then take your ruler and measure from the top edge of the rim to the top of the handle “gripper”. Next measure from the center of the gripper to the outer edge of the gripper. This will give you an approximate measure to punch a half circle to go around the gripper.























Here is an alternative way to measure the edge to prepare for the circle punch cut. Just take the edge of your paper and draw around the handle “gripper”. Now, punch your first half circle. At this point, don’t punch the other side yet.
























Step 5: Once you have your first half circle cut, now you can adhere some adhesive on the back side of your paper, just enough to keep it in place so you can wrap your paper halfway around the bucket and then mark the paper with your pencil where the other handle gripper meets. Cut that half circle.



















Step 6: Now you can remove your partially adhered sheet and finish adding the adhesive all around the back side of it. Again, wrap it around the can (it will go approximately halfway around). Repeat the process for the other side of the bucket, using the 2nd sheet of 6 3/8” x 3 13/16” paper.

Tip: Only cut the first half circle of each sheet before cutting the 2nd half circle of each sheet. That way you can measure around the gripper more accurately.










Step 7: Now it’s time to get the top inside of the lid decorated with paper. Take your lid and lay it right side up directly on top of the part of the paper that you want shown. Use your pencil to draw a circle around the bottom edge of the lid. Cut out your circle and adhere to the top. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Just as long as it fits pretty securely inside the top of the lid.






















Step 8: Get yourself a handyman (or woman) to drill a hole in the top of the lid for your knob (handle). I got this fella…I kinda like him. Yes, he’s my hubby, who was glad to do the drilling for me, as he didn’t want me to drill my fingers instead of the lid. Trust me, his instincts are right! (wink wink). Add your handle.












Now your lid will look like this —>










Step 9: Now get yourself some twine and glue it around the perimeter of the lid, to cover up any part of the lid that didn’t get covered with paper. Easy trick and works every time! Then, around the outer edge of the bucket….wherever you want it to cover! Decorate your bucket in whatever manner you want it before filling the inside of the bucket with goodies.
























Step 10: Gather your materials for the inside of the bucket. For me, I used Petite Birds Stickers, Plain White Bags, and Divine Twine. I placed Hersey© Kisses into the bags, folded the bags over, and wrapped with twine and added a sticker. I also used the same basic technique to decorate the Little Bitty Bucket. I plan to put a bracelet I made inside of it as an extra goodie




















Now here is my final project, all decorated and stuffed with kisses!




I hope you enjoyed this project! It was a lot of fun for me! Thank you for stopping by!
Blessings, Jeanie Ellis, WG Designer

Check out my other projects@ Jeanie Ellis – Scrapbookingmamaw


Easy and Fun Divine Twine Bookmarks – Use them multiple ways…

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Colleen from Scrappin Granny here with a project you could use multiple ways.

With the fact school will be ending soon this first idea is something you could use with your children or grandchildren.

These are bookmarks that you can make and give as gifts or to encourage the children to read.























I made a girly one with curls by winding the twine around toothpicks, spraying lightly with water and clipping them with binder clips and then left them to dry. One of the tan ones I tied knots in the hair. You can just let the children use their imagination on these bookmarks.

I started by picking some of the yummy twine from the Whisker Graphics store, so many choices to pick from.  You can see the selection here @ the Whisker Graphics site.
Once you have your twine, you start by winding around your fingers.  The more fingers you use the bigger the hair will be.  I wound mine around 15 times.













Now you cut the twine off and hold it with one hand and push it through the opening of the paperclip.  I suggest you use the big colored paperclips.

Once you the twine through the paperclip then you can cut the one end and you have your hair.  You can then trim it as short as you would like.

Add wiggly eyes and your bookmark is done.


The next project was to use these bookmarks and make a card to send to your favorite book reader. You just add some of your favorite embellishments, add your bookmarks to the front of the card and it is ready to give to a special person.













The final project using the bookmark is for a scrapbook page.













I started the page by layering all the papers I decided to use, inked the edges and adhered them down.

I then added the photos and all the embellishments and the final touch was to add the bookmark for a little whimsy to the page.













I hope you will take some time and make some of these with your children or grandchildren.  Once you start you want to keep making more and keep trying new ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to come back again soon, I love to have visitors!




Whisker Graphics LOVES Mom’s – All Year Long!

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Hi everyone,  Steph Ackerman here today from Live Love Scrap with an ANY day Mother’s Day gift.  Mom’s always love flowers and gift cards, right?











Middy Bitty Bags
Little Bitty Bags – Small Brown
Divine Twine Bamboo – Green and White
Divine Twine Twists – Rasberrylemon
Spellbinders Dies
Joy Clair Stamps – Hello Sentiments; Mothers Day

Ink a Small Brown Little Bitty Bag with brown ink. Wrap it with Rasberrylemon Twine then adhere it to a Middy Bitty Bag.












Create flowers using Green and White Bamboo and Rasberrylemon Twines.








Start by placing adhesive on a 2″ white circle, then wrap the twine back and forth creating loops larger than the circle.










Place a 2nd circle on top of the completed flowers to hold the loops in place, then adhere the flowers to the bag.











Stamp “happy” on the bag with brown ink.










Stamp “Mother’s Day” on smaller circles and add to the flowers.













Wrap the flowers in tulle and tie together with the Bamboo Twine.












Place the flowers in the bag and tie on a larger Mother’s Day tag.











Slip a gift card in the small bag and give to Mom. I know she’ll love it.
























Thanks for stopping by.


Mother’s Day can be ANY day!!

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Today I’m sharing some Mother’s Day happy mail that I made to send to a a few of our aunts across the miles.

I started with these gold metallic polka dot Bigger Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics because only gold would be suitable for mamas on Mother’s Day!












I filled my bags with some fun little things that mamas often have in their purses: kleenex, lip balm, mints … and a couple pieces of candy.













Punching fun shapes in coordinating paper for your own confetti is a neat touch!













I embellished my bags with patterned paper, large white gift tags from Whisker Graphics and finished them off with gold metallic Divine Twine.























Michelle P.   Check out my other projects @ Crafting & Couponing


Mother’s Day ‘Middy Bitty Bag’ Shaker Gift Bag

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Hi It’s Kerry M.

Time to shake things up with a fun gift bag just for Mom!

Mother’s Day Shaker Gift Bag


  • Aqua Horizontal Middy Bitty Bag
  • Black Licorice Divine Twine
  • Frame die cut
  • Black cardstock
  • Butterfly shaker refill kit by Queen and Co.
  • Yellow and Purple pearlies by Queen and Co.
  • Enamel word phrases stickers
  • Black foam alphabet stickers
  • Glue
















  1. Diecut frame on black cardstock


















2. Adhere butterflies to bag removing only bottom adhesive strip










3. Fill butterflies half way only with pearlies









4. Seal top of butterfly shaker by removing top adhesive strip and adding clear overlay











5. Add “Thinking of You” pink enamel sticker










6. Add “MOM” using black foam alphabet letters











7. Adhere black and white twine bow and swirl patterns using glue












FINAL: Add gift & surprise Mom with her handcrafted packaging!


~Kerry M.














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