Create A Summer Travel Book w/Bitty Bags

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Hi!! It´s DT Member Noe from SCN blog here!

Summer is coming and with it the time to travel during holidays !! Have you thought how easy and practical it can be to take you a small organizer in which to keep documents, maps, tickets and even a small notebook or some loose leaves in which to write your memories !!??
Well, today I bring you a small tutorial with which you can make a simple organizer for your trips … You will only need some bigger bitty bags, chipboard for the covers and some kraft cardstock!!












Ok, here we go!!The first thing to do is to adapt the size of our bitty bags, for that, cut to 6 inches in length and fold at 8 inches in height.








On a separate sheet, which will be the basis of our binding, we will mark and fold to:
– First mark at 1 inch and 3/4.
– Next we will make ten different marks every 3/4 of inches.
– To finish we will make a last mark at 1 inch and 3/4.

















To glue our envelopes, we must place the glue in the right fold of our “accordion”.










Once the glue is placed, we will fold the mark so that it is on top of our envelope … Press lightly until it dries.










To facilitate a correct drying, place small tongs on the spine and let dry for one hour.










The result should be this…










Make holes in the covers and pass small elastics bands (for it, measure the contour of the spine) through them and place the eyelet helping you of the Crop I Dile or similar tool.










For closing, put a brad on the cover and, on the back cover, place an elastic band attached with an eyelet.










Finally, decorate the covers of your organizer …





You got it!! Hope you like it!!
Have a nice week!!
See you son!


Easter Bags

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Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman with Live Laugh Scrape here to share some Easter Gift Bags.

Middy Bitty Bags
Divine Twine – Gold Metallic
Spellbinders Dies
Rinea Foil – Embossed Emerald
Joy Clair Stamps – sentiment
Sunsational Stamps – images
Copic Markers


Using a selection of Middy Bitty Bags, add a large oval to each.  Prepare images, coloring and fussy cutting them.  Add each image to the bags.












Die cut leafy stems from Rinea Foil then add behind each oval.






















Fill the bags with goodies the fold down the tops of each bag and punch holes.  Thread Metallic Twine through the holes and tie the bags closed.  Next, stamp and punch Happy Easter.











Tie the Happy Easter labels to each bag with Metallic Twine.










Happy Easter.





Mother’s Day is around the corner!

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Today I’m sharing some Mother’s Day happy mail, a DIY twine craft, that I made to send to a a few of our aunts across the miles. Creating homemade crafts for Mother’s Day can be simple, thoughtful, and affordable.

I started with these gold metallic polka dot Bigger Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics because only gold would be suitable for mamas on Mother’s Day!

I filled my bags with some fun little things that mamas often have in their purses: kleenex, lip balm, mints … and a couple pieces of candy.













Punching fun shapes in coordinating paper for your own confetti is a neat touch!












I embellished my bags with patterned paper, Large white gift tags from Whisker Graphics and finished them off with Gold Metallic Divine Twine.






















Michelle P. @ Michelle Phillip – Crafting & Couponing

P.S. Check out my Easter Happy Mail project using Yellow Casablaca Middy Bitty Bags!


Make Bitty Bag Bunny Ears

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Spring has arrived and Easter is right behind it!  I love being outside this time of year and wanted to ensure that I got some memorable photo opportunities with family and friends.


Bunny Ear Headband 











  • Honeycomb patterned Middy Bags in Green, Yellow, Aqua and Hot Pink
  • Headbands, any color in wider size
  • Foam sheets in White, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Dark Gray
  • Flat wooden craft sticks,  6 inch by 3/4 inch
  • Small binder clips
  • Hot glue gun
  • One piece of thin cardboard
  • Paper flowers with wire


Steps : 


















Draw the inner and outer bunny ear on thin cardboard to create a template.










Trace the inner ear template on Bitty Bags and cut out.











Trace the outer ear template on foam sheets and cut out.

(Note: You will need 4 outer ears per headband)











Use hot glue to adhere patterned inner ear to foam outer ear



















Cut a 1 inch x 6 inch foam strip and use it to wrap around the headband and flatsides of the wooden sticks.










Use binder clips to secure foam strip and wooden stick close to the headband











Remove metal brackets from the binder clips










Use hot glue to adhere patterned inner ear to foam outer ear











Attach paper flower with attached wire












Get your loved ones to show off their smiles and their one-of-a -kind bunny ears!




Thanks for stopping by!  ~Kerry M.

Divine Twine Easter Eggs

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Hi all!!  It’s Katie with Life in a Snapshot


I have another Easter make to share using Divine Twine.



Products used:

  • Divine Twine  Knots Green and White
  • Divine Twine Solid Yellow
  • Divine Twine Knots pink and White
  • Divine Twine Knots Aqua and White
  • Divine Twine Knots Solid Aqua
  • Divine Twine Solid Pink
  • Polystyrene Easter Eggs
  • PVA Glue
  • Mini Eye hooks
  • Hat pins
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Ricrac
  • Resin Flowers


Apply a bit of PVA to the top of a polystyrene egg and hold the end of the twine in place with a pin.



Carefully wrap the twine around the egg while applying more PVA to the egg.



Use a small eye pin to secure a piece of twine through the top.



Decorate the eggs with ribbons and resin flowers.




Thank you for visiting!!

Making Bitty Bag Bunny and Ducky’s

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Hi friends, Janae here, today I will be showing you how to make these cute Easter hunt bags for little hands to hold their goodies in!

These are the supplies I started with:









  • Divine Twine in – light pink solid, deep pink solid, cotton candy, orange, yellow solid and lemon
  • Middy Bags in polka dot pink and stripe yellow. (I used the middy for this hunt because I was using mini plastic eggs, but the large bitty bags would work great too for larger eggs!)
  • White cotton balls or pom poms, 3 quantity (not pictured)
  • Google eyes, four quantity
  • White paper
  • Pink paper
  • Orange paper
  • Yellow paper (not pictured)
  • Heart punch
  • Hole punch
  • White reinforcement circle labels
  • Scissors, Elmers glue and mono glue (better adhesive for the plastic eyes)


I started by punching holes in both of my bags. I tried to get it about 1/4″ away from both edges in the upper corners of each bag.










I then added reinforcement labels to the front and back of each hole to help support the bags.









I put together the chick bag first. I cut 3/4″ strips of orange paper for the legs and folded them accordion style.









I then drew a pattern for the chick feet on the back of the orange paper and cut them out.










I glued the feed to the legs and then glued the legs to the bag, positioning them as I preferred.










As the glue was drying on the feet and legs I glued on the beak and googly eyes.













I traced and cut out little wings on my yellow paper.










I then glued on the wings and set my chick aside to dry completely while I started on my bunny.









I started by cutting out the white and pink ear parts.










Once I had those ready to go I proceeded to glue them together and then adhere them to my bunny bag.
















I punched out a pink and white heart for the bunny face. To make the bunny mouth I just turned the larger white heart upside down.










I lightly glued down both hearts and the eyes, but left the bottom of the white heart unglued so I could tuck in the whiskers.










I used the light pink twine for the whiskers and wrapped it back and forth a few times about 2″ long.










I slid the whiskers under the white heart and then glued the rest of the white heart down.










To finish off the whiskers I cut the ends so they would be open.










I flipped my bunny bag over and added glue to the tail and feet spots. I felt the mono glue gave a better hold if it was pom poms, but normal glue works great for cotton balls as long as you can hold it down for a little until it starts to dry.










I measured out 14″ of each color of twine for my bag handles










I double knotted them through the holes on each bag









The kids adored the Easter hunt bags and were so excited to collect their mini eggs in them. This craft was so fun that we made a few more variations of bunnies and chicks after the hunt was over, it was a simple enough craft that the kids could do it easily.





















Birthday Gift Basket

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So my sister thru a rainbow glitter unicorn party for her 31st birthday.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she told me she wanted all of her favorite food she never buys for herself.  So I decided to make her a unicorn themed gift basket.  Once I had all her favorite treats and a basket to put it in I decided to spruce it up with my divine twine and bitty bags.









Supplies used:

  • Divine Twine yellow solid
  • Divine Twine blue solid
  • Divine Twine purple solid
  • Divine Twine green solid
  • Divine Twine light pink solid
  • Middy Bitty Bag honeycomb green
  • Three patterned paper circles 1 inch in size
  • Origami unicorn head
  • 5×7 green and white paper (cut to size for border)
  • Happy Birthday cut out
  • Sticker maker
  • Tombow mono liquid glue
  • Double sided tape

I started by making a card to put on the basket.  I wanted to use the twine to make flowers so I added adhesive to the back of my purple patterned circles.   Now I have a sticker maker and that was the easiest way to add adhesive to the circles.








Once the back of the circle was sticky I started laying the twine on the back to create the loops of a flower.















On one flower I created two layers and on the other two just one layer.  I added a lot of Tombow mono liquid glue to the back of each flower to make sure they would stick to the card.










After I had added my flowers I glued on the happy birthday and then used double sided tape to adhere it to the basket.









Then I tied twine around a middy bitty bag and used double sided tape to add my origami unicorn head to the bag










I placed the candy in the bag and then filled the basket with the rest of the treats.









~ Jessica


Mixed Media Tags

March 28th, 2017 § 2 comments § permalink


Jeanie E. one of our new Design Team Members for this season created these mixed media tags that are truly small works of art!

For other projects by Jeanie, look for her at Jeanie Ellis – Scrape Booking MaMaw


Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tags Instructions


1. Supplies: 4×6 chipboard, designer sheets of paper (dsp), 2 tags, 2 plain bags, twine, rubber stamps, die cuts, tacky glue, hot glue, paper hole punch, distress ink, foam squares, scissors, lace, pearl trim, texture paste, stencil, palette knife







2. Adhere 4×6 dsp to front of chipboard; trim if necessary


















3. Distress edges of paper













4. Place stencil on top and use texture paste, covering as much desired




























5. Heat dry it with your heat gun or dry naturally








6. Grab your tags and cover both sides with dsp, trimming and hole punch top center; then distress edges


































7. Take the bags and stamp on one side of each bag and decorate


















8. Finish off tags by decorating with die cuts, adhering with foam squares








9. Distress and form a die cut piece for pocket on chipboard front























10. Hot glue lace, pearl trim and “pocket” onto front of chipboard








11. Punch hole in center top of chipboard; add twine








12. Decorate back of chipboard, if desired








13. Slide tags into bags, then into the pocket







Beautiful mixed media art project from Jeanie!























Divine Twine Easter Basket

March 25th, 2017 § 1 comment § permalink

Colleen L. here from Scrappin Granny.   My first project as a Whisker Graphics Design Team member is an Easter Basket.

Directions on how to create the Easter Egg Basket

How cute, a little Easter Egg Basket you can make for your table decorations.  How cute would these twine Easter baskets be sitting at each plate for Easter dinner and all the different colors you could create.





















I started with one of my Nestability dies to cut the egg shape.  I cut 2 shapes from cardboard, I used my cardboard from cereal boxes and then I cut 1 shape from felt.





















Now that you have everything cut out you are going to glue them together.  I glued the 2 pieces of cardboard together (if you cardboard is heavier than a cereal box you won’t need to cut 2) and then glue the felt on top.  Let this thoroughly dry.

The next step is to evenly put holes through the felt and cardboard.  I found the easiest way to do this was to use a very small punch.  I made my holes every ½ inch.












Now take plain everyday toothpicks and put them in the holes.  Once you have them all in the holes standing up straight, add glue to each toothpick.  Adding the glue will make sure they stay in place.













Once the glue has dried you will start weaving using some of the beautiful Diving Knots that you can get from the Whiskers Graphics Store .  This twine was so soft and easy to use.  You weave just like a basket weave, over one toothpick around the other toothpick and just keep going until you have the basket as big as you want.  If your toothpicks went through to the bottom of your egg, no problem just cut them off with your shears.












Once you have your basket as high as you want, just cut off the excess toothpicks.  I added a little glue to hold the twine in place.














Now you could leave your egg basket plain and fill it with candy or you can decorate the outside and please remember if you are going to put any kind of food in the basket stay away from glitter.

I used a punch to punch out a border to cover the top of the basket.  I put the border on both the inside and outside of the basket.







I wanted to cover the edges so you can either trim it up with shears or add something pretty.  I decided to braid some of the beautiful twine and glue it along the edges.










To finish off my egg basket I added some dew drops around the center and flowers to the front.









To finish off my homemade Easter craft, I added some dew drops around the center and flowers to the front.


Handmade Card and Gift Basket

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Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today wishing you an enjoyable day. Today I’d love to share a unique handmade card and gift basket I created.











Divine Twine Metallics – Rose Gold Metallic
Dies – Spellbinders
Stamps – Joy Clair
Scoring Tool
Adhesive – Beacon Adhesives
I had this lovely floral stamp which I stamped in brown ink in the corner of a beige panel.  For dimension, I fussy cut a separate flower and added it atop the flourish with a brad.











I tied Rose Gold Metallic Twine vertically around the card, tying at the top.  I added a sweet sentiment to the center of the card.









A coordinating gift basket was created using Spellbinders dies.  I first created a base from cardboard. Cutting it 4 3/4″ x 4 3/4″, I scored 1/2″ around and folded on the scored lines.












I die cut 8 panels from brown cardstock and 4 panels from beige cardstock.  I stamped the floral design on the 4 beige cardstock panels and adhered them to the brown panels.  I also stamped and fussy cut flowers, adhering them to the panels with brads.









A handle was created from strips of cardstock and a floral stamp was repeatedly stamped on the beige strip.












The brads from the flowers hold the handles in place.  The second set of brown panels was adhered to the panels inside the basket covering the handles and the basket base.

I punched holes in the edges of the panels and used Rose Gold Metallic twine to tie the basket together.






Simply add some treats in the handmade gift basket and give to someone special.

Thanks for stopping by.

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