Need Last Minute Valentines Ideas?!?

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Valentine’s Day is this week and I’ve got some fun packaging for your heartfelt gifts.

These Casablanca bags in pink and red make wrapping up stickers for my kids a cinch.  I finished them off with gift tags, Divine Twine and with a little stamp action plus some punched-out hearts that I made out of an old Victoria’s Secret bag.












Anything pink or red goes for Valentine’s Day.  So for larger gifts I used these polka dot Bigger Bitty Bags.














Walmart had these great little gift cards for Valentine’s Day and I love that you can add any amount to it.  Even $1.  These are great gifts for the littles – add a buck or two and they can go pick themselves up a treat.











I had some pretty heart paper that I used to wrap a square gift and topped it off with another handmade gift tag.












So fun.  And so easy!


Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!




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Mixed Media Canvas – A work of Art!

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Hello, crafters! I’m so glad to be sharing with you another step-by-step tutorial using some of Whisker Graphics products! One of the most fun things for me to make is mixed media projects. Why? Because it’s one of those things where you get an idea of what you want to do, but it may go totally into another direction, as you’ll see. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Gesso, Mod Podge, various colors to apply (I used Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Sparks – Ginger Magic and Fairy Wings, and Art Alchemy Antique Brilliance – Red Amber, Acrylic Metallic Paint (I used DecoArt Peacock Pearl), Scissors, Brush, WG Twine, Various Metal Embellishments, Stamp and Stamp Inks (I also  used StazOn ink, not VersaMark….change of plan already!), 1 WG Middy Bitty Bag (Clear), 1 WG Large Tag, and Hot Glue with Gun.










Step 2: Prep Canvas Surface

Spread Gesso over the entire area with your brush












Step 3…..Or was it? Well, let me tell you, here is where things took a different turn. And boy did it get ugly! I had done all my painting, even stamped the canvas, and things just weren’t working. Got all my pictures taken, etc etc…. But instead of this piece of awesome art developing, it was looking so very bad! However, I didn’t want to discard it. Instead, I just recycled that canvas. I moved forward with a new idea forming in my head!

Step 3: Cut your bag

(Remember…ignore the background! New plan! 😉  )

Cut your bag to make 2 pieces from it.












Step 4 & 5:  Tear into Pieces & Crinkle

At this point, rather than looking at how bad it looked, I decided I’d just go ahead and see what I would end up with. I tore the 2 pieces of bag into several pieces, crinkled them, and then mod podged them onto the canvas.























Step 6:  Gesso Prep

Now re-Gesso your canvas. It still doesn’t look great, does it? But press on!












Step 7 & 8: Grab Your Stencil and Texture Paste

Spread as evenly as possible. You don’t have to use the whole stencil: just stencil wherever you want your design to be (i.e., butterflies)























Step 9:  Adding Your Twine

Now you can add your twine. Just swirl it around in any direction. Place mod podge in the places you want your twine to lay. And then add a little more to the top of the twine for added stability. Now paint on your acrylic paint, once the twine and mod podge are dried. (No picture…oops)























Step 10: Grab Your Metal Embellishments

The first photo shows you what metals I’m using. You can use any you choose. Now place your metals wherever you want them, hot gluing as you go.























Step 11: Adding Color

Start brushing on your various colors. Here I used my Art Alchemy paints and paste (listed above)























Step 12: Tag Preparation for Canvas

Now take your tag, cutting off the top of it to make it even. Add various elements to the tag by stamping it with black ink and a stamp, then take distress inks and spread lightly back and forth, then up and down to add color. I then took the Art Alchemy paint and painted the tag























Step 13: Stamp the Tag

Here’s where you’ll take a desired stamp and stamp on an image onto the colored tag. Be sure to use a non-water based ink, such as StazOn. Then mod podge the back of the tag and add it to the canvas.























Step 14: Adding Hair

I took a dangly earring, cut off the top ear piece, and used that for the mane of her hair.  I then added some twine at the top of her head for “bangs”.


































Step 15: Edge with Twine

Lastly, add twine around the edge of the canvas. Now for the final product!


















Thank you for stopping in! I hope that you’ve been inspired to try one! And remember…if at first you don’t succeed, do what I need. PRESS ON!

Jeanie Ellis, DT





A Great Valentine’s Project from the Past!

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We loved this post so much, we decided to re-post it since we are so close to Valentine’s Day!

Hi everyone,  Steph Ackerman with Live Love Scrap here today with some quick and easy projects for Valentine’s Day.
I created some mini cards measuring 3″ x 3″. The white panels were cut a little smaller and I stamped a selection of stamps from the Candy Hearts stamp set from Joy Clair Stamps. Once assembled, I wrapped Divine Twine Metallics – Rose Gold around each card. The twine was just the right embellishment needed.









I created banner strips for the next cards and used Divine Twine Metallics – Rose Gold to hang the banner strips. I also stamped a selection of stamps from the Candy Hearts stamp set from Joy Clair Stamps on the banner strips.










And Valentine’s Day is the sweetest day of the year so you can’t just give a card, you need to give some candy too. I had these test tubes that fit small candy hearts perfectly so I embellished each with Divine Twine – Red Solid and Divine Twine – Cherry, wrapping the twines around the test tubes.














I created little tags which I also stamped with a selection of stamps from the Candy Hearts stamp set from Joy Clair Stamps. I added Solid Red and Cherry twines to the tags, then added the tags to the test tubes.






















These are perfect little cards and treats to give your child’s classmates and teachers.

Making A Valentine’s Album

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Hello! It’s Nancy here to share a fun project created with products from the Whisker Graphics Shop!


I had so much fun putting this project together.

I’ll add all the product links at the end of the post.



I began by going through my stash of bags and pulling several printed red ones,

along with a couple of glassine bags.

I scored down the center of each bag and stacked them up,

staggering the sizes and alternating the end openings.




I also added two more Middy Bitty Bags,

along with two Little Bitty Bags.

Large Tags, in red and white, were inserted into the Little Bitty Bags.


The bags that were scored were stacked in the order shown,

and machine stitched through the center, using red thread.

The Middy Bitty Bags shown in the previous photo 

were adhered along the edges of the closed ends.

This created a pocket, which you will see better soon.

The Little Bitty Bags were adhered in place on contrasting pages.

Here, the polka-dot Little Bitty Bag pocket shows through 

the Glassine Middy Bitty Bag page before the page is turn.

(Say that three times fast! lol)

This photo shows the pocket formed on the left side

when the Middy Bitty Bags were adhered together.

This is another great place to insert a Large Tag





These bags create wonderful little albums!

So many great pockets and pages to fill with tags and photos!

I’m filling mine with sweet messages of LOVE for my husband.

That’s why I’m showing it to you empty! ;o)


My final step was to wrap it several times with red Bamboo Divine Twine, 

and tie it in a bow.

This wrap can slip off and be used as a belly band!



Head on over to the shop and pick up an assortment of bags,

then make a fun little mini of your own! 

* * * * *

Products Used From Whisker Graphics:


Glassine Middy Bitty Bags

Bigger Bitty Bags – Sample Set

Middy Bitty Bags – Sample Set

Little Bitty Bags – Sample Set

Large Colored Tags – White and Red

Divine Twine Bamboo – Red


* * * * *

Thanks for stopping by!

I’ll be back again soon with another project share!

Party Banner

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Hi Bev here today. I am having great fun using Whisker Graphics. Avery products. I have been busy making a Party Banner for a dear friend’s Wedding celebrations. Using the Avery Party Banner allowed me to access and create the 4 photo printed cards to fit in the banner. I then decorated another 3 cards for banner full of accents. Another 2 pieces were made using the tags from Whisker Graphics to compliment the rest of the beautiful banner full of memories for this amazing Wedding celebration.


Supply List:


Whisker Graphics: Avery Party BannerSmall TagsLarge TagsSweet Sticky LabelsPetite Stickies, Twine

Other: cardstock, accents, stamps, cork accents, flowers, alpha letters, brads

Let’s get started!


So the first thing I did was go into and typed in the #80507 and it took me to the template for the sheet above with 4 tag/cards just waiting to be created either using their designs or custom creating your own. The first top left one I started with one of their designs and added the photo and changed the words and altered the Love banner and made it my own.

The others were all full size photos that I made fit the templates to be printed.

When dry you just fold back and forth to define the shape and it will rip off perfectly.

Now with the photo sections done I pulled some more of the card templates which I want to decorate to go between the photos to make a full and beautiful banner.

As I got started I decided to mat the photos to add more colour, depth and texturing.  Some I added more accents and some have none. It’s all a personal preference and you just make it your own.

Some I used the label to accent the cards.

I used lots of Whisker Graphics labels, tags, stickers and accents to create the perfect mix and match to make the banner as a whole just right.

Here are the 2 tag base pieces that I added to the banner…. each decorated to coordinate with the rest of the banner pieces… but added a fun change up with lots of accents.

So raid your stash and just have fun!

Below are the 3 close up shots of the banner for your viewing…. the bride loved this idea and is going to use it for the stag n doe party and on her wedding day also. I am thrilled that she loved it.

Check out the store for all the available products that will make your crafting so much easier and view the blog often to be inspired with all the creative inspiration.


Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon when I come back with so many more projects using Whisker Graphics products. 

Thanks for dropping by today!


Let’s sneak in one last holiday post!

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Hi everyone, I’m on the Whisker Graphics blog with holiday treat bags.  As we wrap up the holidays, it’s fun to think about Christmas projects for next year!

– Bags – Middy Bitty Bags
– Divine Twine Collection – Red Solid
– Divine Twine Metallics – Black Diamond
– Rinea Foils
– Joy Clair Stamps
– Spellbinders dies
– Cardstock – The Robin’s Nest dew drops












Begin by wrapping the bags with Black Diamond Twine, tying off on the right side.









1. Die cut a large ornament from black cardstock.

2. Die cut the next layer from Rinea Foil in Ruby/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper

3. Die cut the holly from Rinea Foil in Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper

4. Assemble the holly leaves atop the red ornament using glue dots for dimension.

5. Stamp Joy on white cardstock – die cut and add to center of the ornament.

6. Tie red twine to each ornament.

7. Add the dew drops to the holly.













Adhere each ornament to the front of each bag using foam adhesives for dimension.












Fill with little goodies for the holidays or even a gift card.

Thanks for stopping by.




Holidays…or anytime wrapping!

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When it comes to Christmas – or any holiday, really – I try to deviate from the norm when it comes to gift wrapping.  Don’t get me wrong, I have just as many rolls of gift wrap and pre-made bows and gift bags as anyone else, but sometimes it’s fun to be different.  And it makes the gift feel a little more personal.

Take this little gift for my son’s Godmother.  I put it in to this fun, red Casablanca bag, topped it with a tag that I made from a large white gift tag, a pre-made diecut, I busted out my old-school Dymo labeler for the name sticker, and then tied it off with some Gold Metallic Divine Twine.




















I did pretty much the same thing with this gift for my cousin.  Only I used a Gold Metallic Bigger Bitty Bag.






























I love these little gold clips.  I found them on back-to-school clearance years ago and I’ve been hoarding them.  Finally put them to good use today.



















My husband has 4 aunts that live in Wisconsin. They all get the same gift (but in different styles and colors).























When you order a cosmetic from Macy’s, they send you a little goody bag with free samples in it.  I’ve held on to the bags, and repurposed them for a couple of teen girls’ Christmas gifts making a simple tag and tying off with some fun Divine Twine to go with the colored tissue on the inside.












Have yourself a merry little Christmas.






Christmas Ornaments

December 31st, 2017 § 2 comments § permalink


Colleen from Scrappin Granny with some quick and easy ornaments you can make.  You know it is never too late or too early to get started on some ornaments. Now these ornaments don’t have to be used just for Christmas you can adapt these to use on gifts or other holidays so please give them a try.


Here are some cute hats that can be hung on a tree, used on gifts or even will fit a small doll.

You start with something you probably throw away every day, a toliet paper roll.  Then cut it to the width of the finished hat you would like.  Then you cut a length of twine.  I used Divine Twine in Red and Black and Silver Divine Twine Metallic.  Make a loop and put it through the piece of toliet paper roll you cut.











Next step is just to put the two ends through the loop and pull snug.  Keep doing this until you have the entire roll covered.












Once you have the roll covered, gather all your twine at the top and secure with a smaller piece of twine and double knot it.


You are done unless you decide to add more decorations to them.  You could add gems, or pom pons or any other embellishment.  This is why this is so much fun with children they can make it their own.











The next ornament is again something we all have just laying around outside and that is sticks.  You just gather up a bunch of sticks and then cut them with scissors to have them all about the same length.











You start by using twine around each corner and make sure you double knot each corner.    I used Divine Twine in Red












When you are done just add more   I used Divine Twine in Red to create a hanger and your star is ready to hang on a tree or a gift.


Lastly, is a small lollipop that not only works on a tree, gift or even a card.












Start by punching out two 1 inch circles.  Your circles could be any color you want but I started with white.










Now you need to get a sucker stick and cut it in half and glue it onto your circle.

Next cut a length of Divine Twine.   I used Divine Twine in Red and make a loop and lay it on top of the sucker stick and add more glue and then put the second circle on top and wait for it to dry completely.











Now you put glue ontop of the circle and starting in the center of the circle start winding your twine around the circle.  I used Divine Twine Hemp in the red and white  Once I had both circle completed I used a little stickles to add some glitter look and the lollipop is done.












I hope you will give one or all 3 of these a try and have fun making them.  Until next time, Colleen here saying have some fun creating.

Gift Card Envelop/Tag Card

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Hello, fellow WG Crafters! Today I want to share with you another project. Since it’s not too far away until it’s Christmas, and if some of you run late in finding gifts (like me), a nice little gift card might just do the trick! So here is what we need:

SUPPLIES: Tape Runner, Liquid Glue (I used Art Glitter Glue), Twine (any color) 2 Large Tags and 2 small Tags, Large Kraft Bag, Washi Tape, and Scallop Round Labels (Pearlized)






















Step 1: With your trimmer, trim the bag down to 5 ½” from the top











Step 2: Emboss your bag with your embossing machine and folder, in your design choice. I chose Snowflakes.












Step 3: Find the center of the top of your bag. Then fold diagonally from right to center, and left to center, making a point at the top. You’ll notice the opening is at the top.












Step 4: Then fold from the top downward (not all the way down, however). Here you can leave a point or fold the point under to make a straight “line”.













Step 5: At this point, you may be wondering how in the world am I going to use this as an envelope if I fold the opening at the top down? So here is what you do:

Take your trimmer, and trim below the fold line about ¼”. Now you’ll have 2 sections, with the bottom having an opening. You should still have a fold in the bottom of the top half.













(Top and Bottom Halves)










Now place either glue or tape runner on the fold of the top half. Then place that fold on the back

of the bottom half. That will give you an envelope opening.


You will next need to tape down the folded diagonal corners to make your flap, if you haven’t already. (See Step 4)













Step 6: Use Washi Tape to cover all “unsightly” seams.










Step 7: Next get you tags. Take 1 of the tags and emboss it, then ink it up with color of choice. I used Tim Holtz Distress Ozide Ink – Candied Apple










Step 8: Take your tags and glue them back to back.












Step 9: After printing your design, text, or whatever you want on your Scalloped Tags, take one of the tags and trim around your design. This goes on the unprinted side of your large tag. The front will be embossed, the back plain until you put your design on.



















Step 10: Now finish embellishing your envelope and tag card. This would make a great Gift Card Envelope.










Final Project:












See the flower in the center photo? That is twine I crocheted to make a flower from a website called Factory Direct Craft (Link HERE). Please note that I made 6 petals instead of 5, however.





Making An Album with Divine Twine

December 11th, 2017 § 2 comments § permalink


Hi everyone!

DT Member Noe here !! Do you get the most out of your Divine Twine? Not only is it beautiful in a nice package, you can also use it in a multitude of your favourite scrap projects … Today I come to show you several ideas on how to make the most of these beautiful twines!!

It will be perfect in an album in which you have used a spine binding … use acetate sheets, make holes in the top and bottom, place eyelets, and pass a piece of baker twine … A different touch in your albums !!

































Make flaps in your albums !! You can place a lot of photos more … For this you can use various tags joining them with your favorite Baker twine !!
































And finally, and not least, make beautiful banners for your cards using twine of the color you most want!




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