Embossing Itty Bitty Bags

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Make Your Own Design Itty Bitty Bag

Hello, fellow crafters! I can believe 6 months have already come and gone! It’s been a pleasure and a great ride! Today I want to share with you a couple of techniques in this embossing tutorial. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Versamark, Itty Bitty Bag, Embossing Powder, Ink Pad, Stamp, Tool for Inking, and Coffee Filter (to pour your excess powder back in), and Heat Gun (not shown)











Step 2: Place your ink pad into the Versamark, pressing enough to insure getting enough of the “sticky ink” onto your stamp. Any design will work. (Yes, my Versamark is messy…I definitely use it!)









Step 3: Now start stamping your bag. You’ll need to re-ink your stamp several times, or however many times you want to repeat your pattern. You also can use various stamps on the bag, if desired.












Step 4: Sprinkle embossing powder, making sure you cover all the inked parts.












Step 5: Now take your Heat Gun and heat up the embossing powder to melt it. Tip: Be sure to keep the heat gun moving so you won’t burn your paper and powder. I usually do a circular motion.












Step 6: Grab your ink pad and ink tool (a dauber or a sponge will also work), and start spreading ink onto your bag. Your stamped image has now become a “recessed” image. Pretty cool!










Step 7: End result of bag….now let’s fill it with a tag!













Here it is filled with a tag. (No tutorial since I’ve already done a tag tutorial once. 😊 )












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It’s All About Twine

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Colleen from Scrappin Granny here today with a couple of projects using twine from Whisker Graphics.  I had so much fun winding and playing with the twine.

First I got out some different sizes of acrylic blocks used in stamping and some Divine Twine.  I next wrapped the Divine Twine around the blocks.
























Then I took a cream colored piece of cardstock.  I inked the Divine Twine using my Tim Holtz inks.





After getting the Divine Twine inked I started putting the block on the cardstock. The more you use the block the darker your ink will appear on the cardstock.  Just keep adding as much or as little as you want to the cardstock


Once I had what I wanted on the cardstock, I inked around the edges. Now you get to add your photos and embellishments.  I used the Divine Twine that I had wrapped around the blocks and added that to the layout as well.


The 2nd project is using kind of the same technique but this time making a card.



I used one of the blocks that I used to ink the cardstock but this time I put modeling paste on the Divine Twine and stamped in on a black piece of cardstock.










This is what is looked like when it dried.


Very fun technique to try. Of course, keep your Divine Twine and use it again on another project.

Thanks for following my twine arts and crafts!


Making Invitations

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Hi friends,  Steph Ackerman from Live Laugh Scrap here today with a selection of fun and different homemade invitations created with products from Whisker Graphics.













Little Bitty Bags – Assorted Brown Bags
Large Colored Tags
Small Colored Tags
Divine Twine Bamboo– Green and White
Divine Twine Twists– Raspberrylemon, Holiday
EKSuccess Punch
Joy Clair Stamps – Hello Sentiments
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder
Using assorted colored large tags, stamp the party information on each, then add coordinating colored twine to each tag.








Create a fun embossed background for the cards using embossing folders. Inking over the embossed portions highlights the birthday elements. I coordinated the ink colors to match the tags.










Adhere a Little Bitty Bag to each card and insert the large tags inside. Using different kraft bags adds a fun effect to the invitations. Add a smaller tag on top of the bags and add coordinating twine. Stamp and die cut “you’re invited”, then add to the center of the tag. If you have a lot of invitations to create, just set them up assembly-line style, working on each section before adhering them together.










Just think of all the fun and crafty invitations you can create with the great products from Whisker Graphics.


Thanks for stopping by today.



Making Divine Twine Tassels

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Hi Everyone!!

It’s Noe here with a fun and simple tutorial.I don’t know about you, but I love Tassels! They are so beautiful to decorate our keys, our notebooks, our photo albums, journals, and more!

Have you ever thought how easy they are to do? Make them with Divine Twine! You have a great variety of colors!

You’ll only need some closure or decorative ball in addition to the Divine Twine to be able to make them!

See below for a step-by step-tutorial on these twine tassels!



You have two options for the final touch on your twine tassel, look and choose your favorite:




Hope you like these homemade tassels! Happy Thursday!!


~ Noe

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Bitty Bag as Gift Wrapping

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Summer is here with all it’s vibrant yellows and oranges, and heat, God bless that dang heat.  Here in my part of the country we are in the midst of a 15 day run with heat over 100°.  So when I needed some gift packaging recently, naturally I navigated toward those summery colors.

I had some beautiful card fronts sitting on my desk that I had cut off and saved from handmade cards that were sent to me from friends.  And I thought they would go nicely with these great Casablanca Middy Bitty Bags in yellow.










I popped in my gifts (Kylie Jenner lipsticks because what else do teenage girls want these days?), folded the bag over, and secured it with some washi tape.











Then I adhered my card front with some bits of glue and finished it off with some coordinating Divine Twine and a white tag to write their name on them.





I love being creative with homemade gift wrap, and getting extra mileage out of a handmade card that someone put time and love in to.


Thanks for reading my Bitty Bag gift wrapping tutorial!  Stay cool!



Michelle Philippi Crafting & Couponing


Hot Air Balloon ‘Bitty Bag’ Centerpiece

July 17th, 2017 § 4 comments § permalink

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

I was recently at an outdoor summer concert, and saw two hot air balloons fly by. They were so beautiful and inspired me to make these homemade centerpieces!

This Hot Air Balloon ‘Bitty Bag’ centerpiece could be used at a summer birthday party or on a picnic table at a BBQ.












  • Various patterns and colors of Little
  • Bitty, Middy Bitty and Bigger Bitty bags
  • Divine Twine in blue solid
  • Thick Kraft cardstock 110 lb weight
  • Thick White cardstock 110 lb weight
  • Spray adhesive
  •  One 3x3x3 styrofoam cube
  • Three dowel rods (.125×12 inch)
  • One 12×12 sheet of thin burlap
  • Foam letter stickers
  • Square glass vase with rim



Draw and cut balloon shape templates in 3 different sizes on Kraft cardstock










Use a pencil to trace templates onto White cardstock (you’ll need 6 of each size)










Trace and cut Bitty Bags in 3 sizes of balloon (you’ll need two of each pattern)

















Fold balloon shaped White cardstock in half











Use spray glue to adhere 4 folded balloon shapes side by side

(this creates half a 3-D balloon)

















Cut patterned balloons in half and glue to 3-D balloon shape

















Paint dowel rods and styrofoam cube light blue










Glue blue dowel rod into the center of two balloon halves










Cut burlap sheet in half and glue onto rimmed glass vase











Adhere blue twine and navy letters to vase










Put painted Styrofoam inside vase and stagger balloons by poking dowel rods into Styrofoam










Display at your next summer party event!

~Kerry M.


Bee Card

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Bee Card Tutorial

Cover a card blank with patterned paper

Cut another piece of pattered paper out and use a boarder punch along the edge before gluing to card.

Cut a doily on half and glue along the center.

Wrap gold twine around the center of the card and fix in place with tape.

Cut out a tag and glue a small chipboard tag to the center

Add a paper flower to the center

Add a bow to the top of the tag and glue to card.

Add a bit of gold washi tape to the bottom and add a sentiment






































~  Katie

See my other arts and crafts cards and projects @ Life in a Snapshot 
















Pink Flamingo Bags

July 10th, 2017 § 1 comment § permalink


For this months project, I created Pink Flamingo Bags. I used middy pink Casablanca bags paired with cotton candy and deep solid pink twine for this Flamingo craft project. I had a summer flamingo party and new these would work wonderful as favor bags for our little guests to keep their goodies.

I wanted to add a little flamingo to the front of the bag and used a silhouette to cut out some 3″ flamingos. I cut a 3″x5″ white piece of paper and hand scripted out a little flamingo phrase to include with each bag. I attached my flamingo cut out to the white paper with dot adhesives.

I wrapped the twine around my bag and tied it in a knot on the bag. I didn’t want to glue my white quote down, but wanted it accessible so the guests could hang it up or use it, so instead I just tucked my quote into the wrapped twine.

We filled the bags with candy, pink prizes and flamingo goodies. These Pink Flamingo Bags were the perfect accent to our party!





























Thanks for checking in with us today!

Janae P.

Whisker Graphics Tag & Twine Bookmarks

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Tag & Twine Bookmarks


  • Yellow solid Divine Twine
  • Pink solid Divine Twine
  • Gray solid bamboo Divine Twine
  • Blueberry Divine Twine
  • Rose gold metallic Divine Twine
  • Large white tag
  • Large yellow tag
  • Large gray tag
  • Middy bag brown stripe
  • Pattern paper (your choice)
  • Cut outs of bird, butterflies, bee… (your choice)
  • Mono glue


With summer comes many different reading programs for kids so I decided to make some bookmarks.  The large tags were the perfect size.  I started by cutting my pattern and solid paper to fit the tags.  I really like the patterns on the bitty bags and cut one up to use as a background and accent on my bookmarks.  I adhered the paper and my cut outs and then used my divine twine to add dimension and as the tail on the bookmark.  Fun bookmarks every bookworm.




~ Jessica C.

4th of July Pinwheel Banner

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Pinwheel Banner Step-by-Step
Hello, crafters! It’s July 4th, Independence Day here is the good ol’ USA! And so I thought I’d share with you how to make a Pinwheel Banner. Let’s get started!
Pinwheel Supplies:
2 – 2” Squares of Designer Paper
2 – 2” Squares cut from Itty Bitty Plain Bags
Bone Folder
Liquid Glue












Step 1:
Trim off the bottom of the bag and then open up the bag (2 of these are needed)













Step 2:
Add glue to the bottom of the Designer Paper (DSP) and adhere it to the opened bag

Do this to the 2nd opened bag also











Step 3:
Take 1 of the squares and fold from corner to corner in one direction, open it, and fold it from corner to corner from the other direction. This isn’t necessary to do on the 2nd DSP/Bag square












Step 4:
Take your scissors and cut down each of the folded lines toward the middle of the square. DO NOT go all the way to the center!









Step 5:
Take 1 corner of a section and gently “roll” the corner toward the center…DO NOT flatten! Glue this down. You can use hot glue, if desired. But only a little!
Do this to each of the sections, making sure you go the same direction on all 4 sections.











Step 6:
Once all glued down, get some kind of embellishment, rhinestone, pearl…anything you desire…and glue it down into the center of the pinwheel. I used hot glue this time. Set this aside for now.












Banner Supplies:
Trimmer & Scissors
Liquid glue
Designer Paper is optional to cover your tag.
Now let’s continue on with our project!












Step 7:
Find the center of the bottom of the tag.
Cut from top right corner to the bottom center, then from top left to bottom center.
Please notice the top left and right edges of the tag (pictured) where I have my cuts.












Step 8:
Adhere ribbon from the top and right corners down, overlapping the ribbon on the bottom for a decorative bottom edge












Step 9 (Final product):
Now add your Pinwheel in the open space at the top and add some WG Twine by running it through the punched hole.


























This is an easy and fun project to do! And they will make great decorations for your July 4th party! But most of all, have FUN and BE SAFE!


Blessings, Jeanie Ellis
WG Designer

Find me  @ Jeanie Ellis Scrapbookingmawmaw

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