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I’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the Divine Twine debut I haven’t put anything new in my etsy shop for a while. In the last few days two people contacted me requesting the 3in Scroll Border Editable PDF in red (do I smell holiday gift tags?) so I thought others might have a want for them too. I added them to the shop this morning. You can input whatever text you like in them. So handy.


Shameless Plug Part. 2
A little reminder that the 2010 Whisker Graphics Calendar is on sale (25% off, yea!) + just for blog readers I’ll add another discount. Order 4 calendars – get the 5th FREE ($60 + shipping).  That’s a few for your book club friends or bestest pals or maybe an office buddy or two and one for you. If you’re interested email me at whiskergraphics(at)


This concludes our Shameless Plug portion of the show. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.

Paper Lantern Ornaments – Part Deux

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I’ve been obsessing over these paper lantern ornaments. I’ve tried several different papers. Thick scrapbook stock doesn’t work well (the brad is too short). Wrapping paper is too thin (unless you have some good quality stuff it easily rips). Scrapbook paper (not thick stock) is just right. I bought some 12 x 12″ sheets at Michael’s on sale and started cutting. After I added the brads and opened the balls, I attached some Divine Twine to the top so I can hang them.


I used one on a baby shower gift along with some more divine bakers twine and my lifetime supply of gift wrap.


If you’re thinking you might like to get your craft on and make some of these, click here to download a pre-measured grid you can print on the back of your paper so you won’t have to measure over and over.

NewFelt Friends from Kata Golda

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Get it? NewFELT friends instead of newfound friends. Well, I tried.

I have a fondness for felt. I think it goes back to my childhood when teachers  and group leaders would use those snazzy felt boards with those cool felt cut-outs as props for their story telling. Man, I wanted to get my hands on one of those.  Imagine my glee when I came across this new book by Kata Golda called Hand Stitched Felt. I can make my own felt friends (among other goodies)! This book is now officially on my Christmas Wish List.

Check out this sweet and uber creative stop motion video. It will make you smile.
(The video has music, so if you’re at work, adjust your volume accordingly.)

Oh. How. I. Want. This. Book.

(Kata has a lovely blog too.)

FREE Owl Editable Printable Download + BONUS

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As promised, here is another Halloween freebie for you.

Some ideas for using the 3" square tag/label.

Some ideas for using the 3" square tag/label.

This is a 3″ square design that comes 6 on a sheet. This PDF is editable, meaning you can enter your own text and format it how you like (font:style, size, color and alignment; the design is not editable). Enter and format your text, print on card stock or full sheet labels, trim and enjoy. Download tags HERE.

Here’s the BONUS. Over on Skip To My Lou you can download coordinating cupcake toppers and editable invitations (no need to handwrite your party info).

photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

Photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

Photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

Click HERE to visit Skip to my Lou and download the invitation and cupcake toppers.

$9 of Fabric – Hmm, What to Make?

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Last Saturday I went to garage sales (again) and this time I scored some fabric. I ended up paying $9 for the fabric in the photos below.

3 yards of patterned fabric and 4 yards of cotton stretch fabric

3 yards of patterned fabric and 4 yards of cotton stretch fabric

4 yards wide wale corduroy and tablecloth

4 yards wide wale corduroy and 2.5 yard buffalo check

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to make when I bought all this, but I went ahead and stopped by the fabric store on the way home and spent another $9 on thread and elastic.  I got home and started thinking and came up with quite a few ideas. I then spent the rest of Saturday (about 8 hours) making stuff. What stuff, you may wonder? Stay tuned. Each day this week I will reveal a project.

Disclaimer: I’m not a sewer (a person who sews, nor a waste-carrying pipe), but I have a sewing machine and determination, so the projects I do are very, very easy.

Fairy Evening Wear ~ Vedy Niiice

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Little Cat A is a crafty girl (on several levels) and when she sets her mind to creating art, the results are very often quite delightful. Last week, she and her friend decided to design clothing for fairies. They gathered their supplies; cupcake liners, crepe paper, glue, pipe cleaners, various yarns and threads, pom poms, you know, the stuff that all the finest fairy clothing is made from these days and set to work. Here is her creation.

Dress + Coordinating Parasol for the fairy queen, Queen Clarion

Dress + Coordinating Parasol for the fairy queen, Queen Clarion

I particularly like the Suess-esque-ness of the parasol and how the dress seems to have a Wonder Bra built in.

Little Cat A starts middle school in September. I figure I have another year, maybe two, of this kind of sweet art. Sniff, sniff, dab, dab…

$2 and A Whole Lot of Pretty ~ Tissue Paper Flowers

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After seeing this post I had a STRONG desire to make some tissue paper flowers. So, last weekend I went to the Dollar Tree (I love that place!) and bought supplies: 1 package of multi-colored tissue paper (40 sheets) and 1 roll florist wire. I won’t show you the process here because the above linked post does an excellent job of that, but here are my results.

The whole gang.

The whole gang.

I tried a variety of colors, sizes, and cuts. On the larger flowers I used different shades of a similar color to try and add some depth. I also cut the tips to be pointed. On the large white+light blue one (it’s kind of hiding) I painted the tips with some light blue shimmery watercolor paint. I must say, the results were less than stunning. Quite average. really and not worth the trouble of taking the extra step to paint, but you never know unless you try.

Flowers with different shades of tissue paper used.

Flowers made with different shades of tissue paper per stem.


A sweet bunch of the little guys.

I also tried using 5 layers of tissue instead of the recommended 4; not really much of a difference. I did discover that when the tips are trimmed to a point (green flower in above photo), it’s more difficult to separate the layers without tearing.

Embarrassing sidenote: I actually made more than shown in pics. No, that’s not the embarrasing part. The embarrassing part is that I made them while watching a America’s Next Top Model marathon (do you know how many hours that is?).  I know. Still only semi embarrassing. Here’s the kicker. The marathon was from the 2006 season! Pitiful, just pitiful. I hate when I get sucked in!

Paper Source Blog

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I just discovered that Paper Source has a blog. Who knew?? Looks like they started in May and already have some cute DIY projects posted.

click on image to go visit the Paper Source blog.

click on image to go visit the Paper Source blog.

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