Free Father’s Day Printable

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Father’s Day, June 19th, is just around the corner. Do you know what you (or the kids) are giving the special dad(s) in your life? If not, maybe this  free Printable of Father’s Day coupons I designed can help. Just print, trim, fill in and give. The set includes 4 coupons, one in each colorway seen below, but you can print as many sets as you like. Would he like his car washed, lunch at his favorite eatery, attending a baseball game or maybe an uninterrupted nap?

Tied together with Divine Twine orange baker’s twine makes a quick and sweet presentation.  You can make this gift as simple or as fancy as you think Dad will like and the kids can have fun thinking up what to give Dad.

Click HERE to download the Father’s Day printable.

Free Mother’s Day Printable Download

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I know Mother’s Day is only a few days away, but if you haven’t bought your Mom a card yet you might find these free Mother’s Day Card Printables handy. Printed at full size they fit an A2 envelope or you could print them out at a reduced size (say 25%-50%) and use as a gift tag. Enjoy!

Striped Mother's Day card printed on White Card Stock

Striped Mother's Day card printed on Kraft stock

Apostrophe Heart Mother's Day card printed on white stock

Click HERE to download Striped Mother’s Day card

Click HERE to download Apostrophe Heart Mother’s Day card

Print on 8.5 x 11″ card stock. There are trim and fold marks in the file.

Free Valentine Printables

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Raining Love

Key to My Heart

I’m pretty sure Christmas was yesterday, but what do know, Valentine’s Day is practically here.

So, I’m sending a little love your way with some free Valentine’s Printables. Both designs are 3″ square and will work great as gift tags attached to a treat (punch a small hole and string with Divine Twine) or Valentine’s cards (you can write a sweet note on the back. Print on heavy white card stock, trim, sign and give. Enjoy!

Download Key to My Heart HERE
Download Raining Love HERE

Free Printable ~ Holiday Garland

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Back in February I offered a free Valentine’s Day garlands printable and people seemed to like it. A reader asked about a holiday garland. Great idea!

This time around there are two sheets. You can mix and match the words to create your own sayings. There are several tiny images to place at the beginning and end of words + they also make great gift tags.

Use as gift tags too

You can use tape (yea! another reason to use Japanese Masking Tape!) to hang a garland on your front door, mantle or wall. One attached to a large wrapped gift would be nifty too.

If you download this printable, it would be lovely if you’d leave a comment. It’s fun to see who and how many people enjoy it. Feel free to spread the word. Enjoy!

Holiday Garland Printable #1

Holiday Garland Printable #2

Divine Bakers Twine Tree Trimming

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Jan Ely strikes again! Check out this miniature bottle brush tree she decorated with Divine Twine candy canes and popcorn garland. It makes me smile each time I look at it. The “how-to” is after the photos.

Here’s how she made the candy canes;
Cherry Divine Twine
White Glue
Wax Paper
Skewer or tiny dowel

Cut the twine in 1″ pieces. Coat with white glue. Lay on wax paper. Using the blunt end of the skewer bend one end of the piece in a u-turn shape to create the top of the candy cane. Let dry 10 minutes or so. Place skewer across two cups/cans/jars to create a horizontal pole. Hang the candy canes from the skewer to dry. The candy canes are pliable at this point and you may want to tweak the shape a bit if needed before they totally dry. After they are completely dry (about an hour), trim the frayed ends with scissors.

Popcorn Garland
Lemon Divine Twine

Working off the twine spool, tie a knot every 1/8″ – 1/4″ until you have the length you want. This is one of those projects that is perfect to do while watching TV or a movie.

A Dozen Packets of Cuteness

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photo credit: Cathe Holden ~ Just Something I Made

photo credit: Cathe Holden ~ Just Something I Made

The amazing Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made strikes again! She designed a dozen(!) packet/envelopes to house everything from gift cards to love notes to receipts/coupons. Each and every design is darling and free to download and make! Click HERE to visit her site and access the download.

Free Printable Download – Gift Tags

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It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve done a free download. That pesky thing called work has been keeping me busy. So. For your gift adornment pleasure I present ten 2-inch square gift tags in a variety of designs. Use folded OR trim out just the fronts, punch a hole (or two) and string with twine to make hanging gift tags. Enjoy and tell a friend (everyone could use some free gift tags, right?)

Click HERE to download and please remember these are for personal use only.

Oh! Another idea. Print on full sheet labels, trim out just the fronts and use as sticker or seals.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has left a sweet comment!

New Printables in the Shop

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I’ve added some new 3 inch Square Printables to the shop. I’m now creating the Printables in colors to coordinate with the Divine Twine. There are a couple more designs coming. I’ve just got to find the time to create, photograph and list them!

Scallop 3 Inch Squares Printable

Loopy Scrolls 3 Inch Square Printables - uncut

The New Whisker Graphics Website

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I feel like Steve Martin the The Jerk when the new phone book arrives.

I’m am beyond thrilled to announce that the new Whisker Graphics website is live!! It went live last night and I went to sleep with the biggest smile plastered across my face. It’s been almost 2 years since I first opened my shop on Etsy; two years of hard work and trying to figure stuff out. There were many moments of feeling like an old dog with a myriad of new tricks to learn. Though I have a (vintage) degree in Graphic Design, when I started Whisker Graphics, I had to teach myself some Illustrator, some Photoshop, and some web stuff (90% of which I’m still clueless about). I started with printed stationery then added editable DIY Printables and eventually Divine Twine.  And now, it’s so nice for all my products to have a well-organized, easy-to-navigate home of their own. I worked with an amazing team that I would highly recommend at Aeolidia to make the website a reality. Shoshanna and Arianne were beyond patience and helpful every single step of the way.

Here are just some of the things I LOVE about my new site:
– Customers can immediately download their Printables after checkout (no more waiting for me to email the file)
– The Printables are easily purchased in different color choices
– It has a Mailing List sign up (and Aeolidia designed a pretty coordinating newsletter template for me too)
– My wholesale customers can place their orders on the site too (easier for them, easier for me, yeah!)
– There’s a whole page devoted to Questions and Answers about how the Printables work
– Customers can sign up to be notified of when the new colors of Divine Twine are in stock by clicking the “Request re-stock notice” on the item page (and the system automatically emails them when I stock the store!)
– The time saved by not having to relist items that sell and emailing order and shipping notifications
– The ability to have multiple quantities available within a single item listing

A HUGE THANK YOU to my family, every friend (both web and in-person) and customer who encouraged and supported me along the way!

I’m going to ride this good-feeling wave of accomplishment until the next new trick I need to learn presents itself. That’s likely to be tomorrow!

Bookplates for Teacher Gifts – Free Download

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Today over at Skip To My Lou I’m offering a free bookplate and coordinating envelope download. You can personalize the bookplates with the name of your child’s teacher. Click here to go to the post. Enjoy!


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