Cross Stitch Gift Tag Printable

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This year I’m going a little old school style with my holiday wrapping. I’ll be using my favorite stand-by wrapping paper (brown kraft paper) and embellishing my gifts with Divine Twine, maybe some washi tape and these Cross Stitch Gift Tags. The gift tags simulate linen with cross stitched holiday words.


FREE Cross Stitch Holiday Gift Tag Printable

I tried printing the tags out on plain copy paper on my HP ink jet printer and on card stock on my Epson ink jet printer. Wow! What a color difference. (See photo below.)


Plain copy paper from HP printer on left; Card stock from Epson on right.

I prefer the color from the HP, but I really wanted the tags to be on heavier weight paper which my HP can’t handle, so I ended up using my Epson for my final tags. Your printer may produce the colors a little different, but regardless, you’ll have some sweet tags to accent your holiday gifts.


Click HERE to download the file.
Please leave a comment if you download them. I’d love to know if  you’ll be using the tags.

Have fun gift wrapping!


Perfect DIY Treat + Recipe Printable

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What makes a DIY treat perfect? Well for me, it has to be made from easy-to-find ingredients, easy to make, quick to clean up and taste beyond delicious. This Toffee Chex Treat ticks all those boxes, plus it’s easy to share and it travels well (hello road trip).  To make myself feel better when I’m eating waaaay more than I should of this stuff, I remind myself that the cereal is vitamin fortified and therefore this is a nutritious treat. Yeah, right.

Chex Treats 2

Last year we made and packaged this candy-coated, addictive treat (no lie. this stuff is addictive. beware.) for our neighbors at the holidays.

Chex Treats 3

We used Middy and Bigger Bitty Bags, Colored Tags, Glassine Bags, and Divine Twine for the packaging. We lined the Bitty Bags with the Glassine Bags so the buttery goodness wouldn’t soak through.

Chex Treats 1

It was such a huge hit that I thought I’d share the recipe on handy recipe cards. Just download, print and cut. If you end up giving a batch away, you could attach a recipe card to your packaging. That way it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Chex Treat Holiday Recipe Cards

Click HERE to download recipe card.

Tip: I’ve substituted Crispix for Chex if that is what is on sale. Still turns out great!


Disclaimer: I did not invent this recipe. I got it off the internet a dozen or more years ago. It is called “School Fuel” on the website. I renamed it Toffee Chex Treats because I think it describes it much better. The original recipe calls for chocolate to be drizzled over the treats, but I’m more of a purist and do not like chocolate interfering with my toffee taste. 🙂

Free Hanging Holiday Card Printable

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This is not your ordinary holiday card. It can act as cheery wall decor or as a mobile. How fun would this be to receive!?

Hanging Holiday Card with reindeer "Vanna White"

Hanging Holiday Card with reindeer “Vanna White”

It’s super easy to create. Just download our free Printable below and print out using a color printer. I used regular copy paper because that is what I had on hand, but I would recommend cardstock or heavy weight copy paper.

printable uncut

Cut out the rectangles and write your personal message in the blank rectangle. You can decide how many HAPPYs you want. I went with 4.

Printable assembled

Attach Divine Twine (I used Holiday) to the back of each rectangle using Petite Stickys (I used Red Stripes). Use 2 Petite Stickys on the last rectangle to keep it from tilting forward.

Printable back

And ta-da! Your card is ready to mail to friends or family or you use it as decoration at home. If you are mailing it out, it fits nicely in a #10 envelope.

printable ceiling

If you download it, leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!
XO, Whitney

Cardstock or heavy weight copy paper
Divine Twine
Petite Stickys
Color Printer
#10 Envelope (if mailing)

DOWNLOAD Hanging Holiday Card Printable

FREE Snowglobe Printable

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It’s free Printable time. Yea!! I love when something does double duty (triple duty is even better!), so I created these snowglobe printables to be holiday cards, ornaments or gift tags. Each printable comes with a DYI coordinating envelope in case you choose to mail your printable.

Merry & Bright Snowglobe Printable

Merry & Bright Snowglobe Printable

Winter Wonderland Snowgobe Printable

Winter Wonderland Snowgobe Printable

Supplies you’ll need:
Divine Twine
Color Printer
8.5 x 11″ Card stock or Heavy weight copy paper
1/8″ hole punch
Glue Stick


It’s super easy. Just download the Printable(s) below, print on either card stock or heavy weight copy paper, cut out, punch hole, string with Divine Twine, write a message or sign your name on the base and voila, your done.

I hope these Printable come in handy for you this holiday season! If you download a Printable, please leave us a comment to let us know how you’ll be using it. Thanks!

DOWNLOAD Merry & Bright Printable

DOWNLOAD Winter Wonderland Printable


FREE Valentine Printable

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That magical day is coming where you let the people you care about know that you care about them. Personally I think it’s a nice idea to let them know any and every day, so I created a Little Love Note and Petal Envelope Printable that can be used well past Valentine’s day. They are just 2 inches in size so they can be tucked away (in a bouquet of flowers, in a medicine cabinet, on the dashboard of a car, next to the alarm clock or on a breakfast tray) to be found by the recipient as a nice surprise. You’ll need a color printer and a pair of scissors. Print, cut, fold, write a note and sign. Easy peasy! I used copy paper, but card stock would be lovely too. Enjoy!


Click HERE to download.



Free Printable ~ Gobble Gobble

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A free Printable to use for Thanksgiving. They will work as place cards, gift tags, food labels at a buffet, or appreciation cards. I don’t know why, but they crack me up. I think it’s because when I look at them I hear “gobble, gobble, gobble” over and over again really fast in my head and it makes me smile. Some words are just fun to say. Seriously, try it. (Elf reference alert: Francisco). I hope you enjoy them. If you get a chance, leave a comment and let me know how you plan to use them. Gobble, gobble.  ~ Whitney


Download HERE.  These are for personal use only, but please feel free share and link to this post if you like.

Oh! Another idea, print on full sheet label stock and use as name tags for large gatherings.

Free Printable ~ Appreciation Cards

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I’m a big believer in the power of appreciation. Most nights as I drift off to sleep, I think of things I’m thankful for and appreciate. Sometimes they are big things like good health, other times mundane things like indoor plumbing or my electric blanket. I also like to know what others are thankful for and appreciate. This Thanksgiving I plan on forcing asking my family to share what they are thankful for and jot down their appreciation on these cards I made. Then I’m going to date each card and tuck them away for future enjoyment (years from now). Feel free to do the same. Of course, you can use the cards anytime, not just for Thanksgiving.  ~ Whitney

Download HERE. These are for personal use only, but please feel free share and link to this post if you like.

Customer Share ~ Mariah De Marco

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The extra talented illustrator Mariah De Marco used Lemon Divine Twine for her son’s birthday celebration. She created these fantastic invitations that were hand delivered + a fun goody box.

photo credit: Mariah De Marco

She also created a twisty toy for the kids to play with.

photo credit: Mariah De Marco

Mariah is so generous she’s offering a fun bunny twisty toy download on her blog. I printed out a sheet and made one. There is a different image on each side of the toy and when you twist the twine, magic happens. Good times, good times. Click HERE to get the download and instructions.

Thanks for sharing, Mariah!

FREE Download ~ You Are Loved Card

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Woo Hoo! It’s free download time again!


I made this card for Mother’s Day, but really you can use it any time to give to anyone. Well, if you love them, of course. Everyone likes to know they are loved, even teenagers who are embarrassed when you hug them in public (that’s a nod to my son who turned 16 last Friday). There’s an envelope template included in case you don’t have to time to buy one. Print the envelope on the back of patterned paper for a extra ta-da.

I’m sending one to my mom for Mother’s Day with a garland I made for here tucked inside.


Click HERE for the download. Enjoy!

Garland inspired by Melanie at You Are My Fave.

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