The Lovely Package Exchange – Partner 1

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Here is what I sent to one of my Lovely Package Exchange partners. Kristin designs stationery also and has an etsy shop.

Handmade fabric envelope. How-To directions gotton here.

Handmade fabric envelope. How-To directions from here.

package-exchange-k1-w-labels1- Tissue paper flower directions here and envelope, turned bag, turned vase directions here.
2- Bakers twine to wrap and play with.
3- Gift tag stickers with her initial.
4- Custom designed grid paper notebook. There are a couple of envelopes attached to inside front cover so Kristen can store snippets of inspiration. The cover reads — Kristen’s  Stupendously Cool, Outrageously Excellent, Extraordinarily Remarkable Thoughts and Ideas.
5- Fabric envelope (see photo #1).
6- Vintage alphabet card from my stash. I sewed a zig-zag border at the top and bottom, then attached some silver thread to hang it by.

package-exchange-label-asst-w-labelSome different labels from my stash. The orange/gold is paper and the red rectangles are petite envelopes. Both from Chinatown in San Francisco.

package-exchange-flowers-w-labelI tucked some folded “blooming” instructions into the vase. The “vase” is decorated with a little bit of japanese masking tape on the front and back. At the top right is what she should end up with after her flowers open.



I haven’t received my goodies, yet. But when I do, I’ll do a show-and-tell.

The “It’s-About-Time” Give Away

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Click on image to visit Give Away Today

It’s been just a little over a year since I started Whisker Graphics (time flies!). I thought I’d do a give away at my year anniversary. It came, it went. I thought I’d do a give away when my shop hit 1,500 hearts. It came, it went. I thought I’d do a give away when some other milestone happened. Ok, you get the idea. I never did a give away. Until today. The reason? It’s about time I did a give away!

Here’s what I’m giving: 40 personalized/custom labels. Your choice from the 20 designs in this post. You can have return address labels or wedding favor labels or name tags or book plates or organization labels (yes, I’ll personalize them with your craft supplies or shoes or ???).  You decide.

Here’s how you enter: Leave a comment with a suggestion for party/shower paper goods, stationery or wedding paper goods. Either in printed form or DIY pdf printables. You can suggest an item (cupcake toppers) or a theme (zebras) or both.

Another way you can enter: Follow my blog and leave a comment to let me know you are now a follower. Already a follower? Just leave me a comment saying so (and thanks for following!)

Deadline: Friday, August 28th, Midnight PST

Winning: I’ll use to select a winner and announce who it is on Monday the 31st.

Good Luck and thanks for playing!

The Lovely Package Exchange Has Begun!

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Several weeks ago, I posted about Danni’s “Lovely Package Exchange” over at Oh Hello Friend (250 people signed up to play!!).

I dropped off my two packages at the post office today. Once I know that the recipients have received their goodies, I will show all.

Five inch mailing label with japanese masking tape border.

Package #1, five inch mailing label with japanese masking tape border.

Package #2, five inch mailing label with 2.5" circle labels on the corners.

Package #2, five inch mailing label with 2.5" circle labels on the corners.

Return Address Labels

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Recently I participated in a give-away (me on the giving side). One way to entry was to offer a suggestion on what they would like to see offered in my shop. The #1 response was return address labels. Ta da! Twenty designs to choose from. They could also be used as name tags, gift tags or favor labels too (with the text changed, of course).


Colors to choose from for the graphics. In case you want an orange cow or a deep pink typewriter. You never know...

Above are the colors to choose from for the graphics. In case you want an orange cow or a deep pink typewriter. You never know…

Good Ideas from Customers

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Sometimes I feel too close to what I’m creating.  I get so focused on a certain outcome,  I fail to see other possibilities. I love when a customer convos me through etsy asking for a little tweak on an item in the shop. Their suggestions open up new uses I hadn’t thought of before. Here are a couple of ideas from customers.


A bride recently asked for a change on my Swirls flat notes. Instead of a name at the top, she wanted “Thank You” and the bride and groom’s names + wedding date at the bottom.  I love that idea! What a nice way to deliver thanks to those who shared their special day with them.

wedding-2Another bride wanted to use the recipient address labels that coordinate with my Hydrangea flat note set on her 4″x4″ wedding favor boxes. Brilliant!

I would love to do more wedding related items. I just finished designing and producing a wedding invite, RSVP and thank you note for a bride who’s getting married in Florida. I’ll share those in a week or so after the bride receives them.

New Materials = Baby Gift

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On Tuesday, I went with my sister and niece to Paper Souce in Berkeley. My sister was looking for some envelopes and I was along for the eye candy that Paper Source always delivers. So, what an unexpected treat to find PS’s labels on rolls on big-time sale! There were only a few left and I bought most of them. I had no idea at the time what I’d do with them, but I find it hard to pass up a deal.

My Paper Source label booty.

My Paper Source label booty.

Tuesday evening my husband talked to me about needing a baby gift for a client. My mind went right to my new labels. I made some book plates with the rectangular labels.

Book plates

Book plates

I also made some coordinating flat notes for Millie Louise (is that the cutest name, or what?).

Book Plates and Flat Notes packaged.

Book Plates and Flat Notes packaged.

I gathered my wrapping supplies.

Wrapping supplies.

Wrapping supplies.

I used the 5″ label to seal the white bag, then tied it all up.

All wrapped up and ready to give.

All wrapped up and ready to give.

New 2 inch Editable Printable for the Shop

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I haven’t been doing much designing lately, but last week I did work on a new 2″ square editable pdf for the shop. The scroll design is really simple which I think makes it versatile. Though I made samples geared towards a business owner, this design could also have many personal uses, like party bag stickers, book plates, gift labels for kids’ presents, address labels, food/canning labels, place cards, organizational labels etc.


Teacher Gift

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Each year my daughter’s 5th grade teacher gives home-made granola to the parents who have volunteered in her class. (I know, how nice is that!) I made some labels for her to use in future years. They are printed on Paper Source’s 2.5″ circular labels in the color Poppy. I hope she likes them…


More Japanese Masking Tape Fun

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Somebody stop me. Ok, not really. I’m relieved glad I’m using the Japanese Masking tape I bought myself for my birthday. There have been times when I’ve pined desperately for something only to buy it and not use it (hello double chaise lounge).

Here’s another little use for  The Tape – Magnetic Note Holders
You’ll need:
-1″ x 4″ white labels
-xacto knife
-fabulous japanese masking tape
-sticky-backed magnetic tape


-Lay clothespin onto 1×4″ label (line side of label up with side of clothespin that has the metal part sticking out)
-Cut around clothespin with xacto
-Place tape on top of clothespin
-Cut small pieces of magnetic tape and stick to back of clothespin

Magnetic backed clothespins with Japanese masking tape.

Magnetic backed clothespins with Japanese masking tape.

I plan to use some of these on my magnet board in my studio, but they’d work on a frig too.

$14 and A Whole Lotta Fun

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Several years ago when I owned Room With a Past, I went to garage sales EVERY weekend to scout for items to make-over for the shop. After getting up early every weekend (usually both days) for almost 3 years, I had garage sale burnout. But now, enough time has passed and I’ve been jonesing for a fix (of the screaming deal variety). Last Saturday was the day! I spent a grand total of $14, bought loads of goodies and had a great time.

All my goodies

All my goodies

1-Satin pillow with iridescent blue discs for Little Cat A
2-Pretty colored construction paper for kid crafts
3-Old spools for a project I’m working on
4-Graph paper – two different kinds
5-Hand warmer for the LOML when he goes camping
6-Rotary cutter with extra wavy blade (been wanting one of these for years)
7-Magnetic clips -plan to decorate/cute up somehow and use on the magnet boards in my studio
8-Lego soccer kit with all the cute mini figures for Little Cat B
9-Pyrex little mixing bowl in white and aqua – I bought the cousin to this a few years ago in dish form
10-Ocean themed stickers from Cavallini
11-Postage meter labels
Labels I adore from Cavallini Papers

Labels I adore from Cavallini Papers


There must be 1,000 postage meter labels. These will come in handy for gift tags, name tags, file folders, and labeling all sorts of stuff, plus they will be fun to decorate with stamps and gel pens etc.

garage-sale-4I’m going to use the graph paper for gift wrapping.

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