Stitching With Metallic Divine Twine

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Hi friends!  Today, I’m sharing a card I made with some Metallic Divine Twine.  I wanted to give you some tips on how to stitch with Divine Twine on paper.  This technique is great for cards and scrapbook pages.  First, you’ll need to use a large needle since Divine Twine is a lot thicker than thread.  I like to stitch on card stock so I know that it won’t rip as I’m stitching.  My other tip is to use a paper piercer to make your holes large.  This will make it much easier to pull your Divine Twine through the paper.  You can stitch anything you want like words, flowers, and all sorts of designs.
DSC_4431sm copy
For more of my work, you can check out my blog: Heart Hugs Designs.

Solid Divine Twine on Cards

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Hi friends!  Today, I have a couple cards to share with you from design team members Savannah O’Gwynn and Amy Tsuruta showing you fun ways to use Divine Twine on greeting cards.  Divine Twine is such a great element for cards because it’s very mailable.  Also, you can add a bow to a card without making it look super feminine when you use twine.  On the top card, Savannah pulled some Solid Black Divine Twine apart to get a thinner look.  The nest of string look is very trendy right now and this is how you can achieve the look with Divine Twine.  On the second card, Amy used the Divine Twine as is so you can see the comparison in size.

CTS Greeting from Seattle

Typewriter Bitty Bag Card

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Hi friends!  Today, I have a card from design team member Savannah O’Gwynn to share with you.  Savannah made this lovely card with a plain Whisker Graphics Bitty Bag.  These white and kraft bags are the perfect way to personalize a greeting card!  You can stamp, emboss, or color on them as you wish and they look fantastic.  These are great for any kind of greeting card or invitation.  WGMarchSAV1

Plain White Little Bitty Bag
Silver Metallic Divine Twine
Cardstock and Tag
Stamps and Ink

For more photos and details, check out Savannah’s post HERE.

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