Hoppy Easter with Solid Divine Twine

April 20th, 2014 § 1 comment § permalink

Hi friends!  Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and happy Sunday to everyone else!  Today, I’m posting a card I made with some Solid Divine Twine.  I love the new colors and decided to combine them with some of the old colors of Solid Divine Twine to make these little banners for an Easter card.  These mini banners would also be cute in scrapbooks, as a little banner for cupcakes suspended on toothpicks or lollipop sticks, on embroidery hoop art, or even in a doll house.  DSC_4417wmSupplies:
Solid Divine Twine in Orange, Deep Pink, Navy, Aqua, Yellow, Light Pink, and Coral
Card Stock and Patterned Paper
Stamps and Ink

For more of my work, check out my blog: Heart Hugs Designs.

New Colors from Paper Source

June 15th, 2010 § 2 comments § permalink

Paper Source has introduced three new colors to their bulk paper items; Peacock, Sunshine and Persimmon. I haven’t seen them in-person yet, but the Peacock makes my heart go pitter-patter.

photo credit: Paper Source website

Shameless Plug + Deal

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I’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the Divine Twine debut I haven’t put anything new in my etsy shop for a while. In the last few days two people contacted me requesting the 3in Scroll Border Editable PDF in red (do I smell holiday gift tags?) so I thought others might have a want for them too. I added them to the shop this morning. You can input whatever text you like in them. So handy.


Shameless Plug Part. 2
A little reminder that the 2010 Whisker Graphics Calendar is on sale (25% off, yea!) + just for blog readers I’ll add another discount. Order 4 calendars – get the 5th FREE ($60 + shipping).  That’s a few for your book club friends or bestest pals or maybe an office buddy or two and one for you. If you’re interested email me at whiskergraphics(at)gmail.com.


This concludes our Shameless Plug portion of the show. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.

Paper Lantern Ornaments – Part Deux

November 10th, 2009 § 13 comments § permalink

I’ve been obsessing over these paper lantern ornaments. I’ve tried several different papers. Thick scrapbook stock doesn’t work well (the brad is too short). Wrapping paper is too thin (unless you have some good quality stuff it easily rips). Scrapbook paper (not thick stock) is just right. I bought some 12 x 12″ sheets at Michael’s on sale and started cutting. After I added the brads and opened the balls, I attached some Divine Twine to the top so I can hang them.


I used one on a baby shower gift along with some more divine bakers twine and my lifetime supply of gift wrap.


If you’re thinking you might like to get your craft on and make some of these, click here to download a pre-measured grid you can print on the back of your paper so you won’t have to measure over and over.

Make Your Own Graph Paper

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My inner paper geek is giddy! I stumbled across this website while I should have been working and got so excited. You can make and print your own graph paper. I know, big whoop. But you can totally customize what you want. Pick your grid size (4 squares to an inch, no make mine 5 please) , the color you want the grid to print (hello orange or teal or sage) and download your custom paper via pdf to print again and again. How cute would it be to wrap gifts with this stuff? Tiny gifts, sure, but still cute. Color in the squares to make a design.  Hours of kid amusement. Print on full sheet label stock, cut, write and label everything in your house. Print on both sides, but in different colors and make a booklet. They even have a grid that is just dots.  Good time, good times…

Oh, so many possiblities!

Oh, so many possiblities!

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