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I’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the Divine Twine debut I haven’t put anything new in my etsy shop for a while. In the last few days two people contacted me requesting the 3in Scroll Border Editable PDF in red (do I smell holiday gift tags?) so I thought others might have a want for them too. I added them to the shop this morning. You can input whatever text you like in them. So handy.


Shameless Plug Part. 2
A little reminder that the 2010 Whisker Graphics Calendar is on sale (25% off, yea!) + just for blog readers I’ll add another discount. Order 4 calendars – get the 5th FREE ($60 + shipping).  That’s a few for your book club friends or bestest pals or maybe an office buddy or two and one for you. If you’re interested email me at whiskergraphics(at)


This concludes our Shameless Plug portion of the show. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.

Jack-o-Lantern Scallop Tags ~ Free Download

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I love when people are creative.  I especially love when they are creative and generous.  Thanks to the creativity and generosity of Whisker Graphic’s customer Sarah Wise you get to enjoy this scalloped jack-o-lantern tag free download. Sarah created these for her daughter’s birthday party. Hopefully she will be posting photos of said party on her blog soon.


When printed out at 100%, a 2″ circle paper punch will work nicely. You could also hand cut them into squares. Print on card stock to make gift tags or cupcake toppers. Print on full sheet labels and make stickers for party bags or a garland. Be creative. Be generous and tell a friend. Enjoy and a huge THANK YOU to Sarah for sharing her creativity!

Click HERE to download.

FREE Owl Editable Printable Download + BONUS

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As promised, here is another Halloween freebie for you.

Some ideas for using the 3" square tag/label.

Some ideas for using the 3" square tag/label.

This is a 3″ square design that comes 6 on a sheet. This PDF is editable, meaning you can enter your own text and format it how you like (font:style, size, color and alignment; the design is not editable). Enter and format your text, print on card stock or full sheet labels, trim and enjoy. Download tags HERE.

Here’s the BONUS. Over on Skip To My Lou you can download coordinating cupcake toppers and editable invitations (no need to handwrite your party info).

photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

Photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

Photo courtesy of Skip to my Lou

Click HERE to visit Skip to my Lou and download the invitation and cupcake toppers.

Witch Invitation ~ Free Download

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Here’s a little something to get the party started, Witch Invitations. Just print on letter-size card stock, trim, fill in and mail to your friends. They fit nicely in A2 envelopes. If you download them it would make my day if you left a comment to let me know. Thanks and enjoy! (Stay tuned. I have another free goody coming soon.)


Click HERE to download.

Chandelier Printables

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Just added some 3″ square editable printable pdfs to the shop. The chandeliers were a request from a customer.  I couldn’t decide if I liked one chandelier per tag or more, so I did both.



Tooth Fairy Letter Kit

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Please note: This post may not be appropriate for little ones to see.

I was touched and inspired by this post over at Just Something I Made.  Cathe Holden is not only incredibly thoughtful and kind, but she’s outrageously creative. She started a letter correspondence via the Tooth Fairy with her kids. What a great idea!

I created a Tooth Fairy Letter Kit for the shop for those who would like to do the same with their kids. It’s a pdf file that includes two sizes of notes (cause sometimes you have a lot to say and sometimes you don’t) and a petite envelope in both a pink colorway and a blue. And because it can be a challenge to write so tiny, you can type your letter right into the pdf before you print it out.  The petal envelope requires only scissors to create and a folded dollar bill (if you’re so inclined) fits inside it quite nicely.



“Brush your teeth at least twice a day” and “Visit your dentist every 6 months” are printed on the envelope.

FREE Printable Download ~ Thank You Note-lettes

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Can you ever hear (or say) Thank You enough? It feels good to give thanks and it feels good to receive it. These little note-lettes were inspired by Carly.  She left a comment in the It’s About Time Give-Away post suggesting these.



You can write a message on the back if you like. Leave one on the table with your tip at a restaurant, in your mailbox for your carrier, punch a hole and thread some ribbon and attach to flowers you’re giving someone or ??? Leave a comment and share your ideas on how you will be using them.

Enjoy and Thank You Carly (I’m handing you a virtual note-lette right now) for the great suggestion!

Download HERE.

Guest Blog + Free Download

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When Cindy, over at Skip to My Lou, contacted me about guest blogging, I thought “How fun!”. Today, our first collaboration is posted and there’s a little something for you. Cindy had this great idea for a PDF. A door hanger that lets the little neighborhood pals know when your kids are available to play.

Click on image to visit Skip to My Lou and get your FREE download

Click on image to visit Skip to My Lou and get your FREE download

If you want a more personal door hanger, I just added an editable PDF to the shop. You can personlize it with your child’s name. Is it just me or would this be funny to make and hang on an office door or work cubicle?

Can - Can't Play Door Hanger that you can personalize.

Can - Can't Play Door Hanger that you can personalize.

5 Good Things Booklet – Printable Download

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**Update 7-30-2009** A big THANK YOU to everyone who has left a lovely comment and/or spread the word about this little booklet. I truly appreciate you!

At times, it can be so easy to take that slippery slide downward and focus on what’s not working. It happens to the best of us.

About 5 years ago, I noticed each night at dinner when we would ask the kids  “How was your day?”, we would get a lot of what went wrong for them. We (the grown-ups) would try and point out the good in the gripe du jour. This would lead to defensiveness from the kids and an overall unpleasant dining experience for all.

So, one night I started out the dinner conversation with “Tell me 5 good things about your day.” It ended up being a great conversation starter and the opportunity to teach the kids (and grown-ups) to focus on what is working. We still do this most nights at the dinner table. It’s always amusing when one of the kids has a guest for dinner and we ask them to participate. They get a shy, funny look on their face, but play along. Repeat guests know the drill and often prompt the question and want to go first.

Long story longer (!)… This little printable pdf booklet came from our dinner routine.

Booklet straight from the printer.

Booklet straight from the printer.

Booklet all folded up and ready to be put to good use.

Booklet all folded up and ready to be put to good use.

Booklet in action.

Booklet in action.

Click HERE to download. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave a comment on a good thing about your day or life.

As always,  this is for personal use only.

note: the booklet doesn’t have to be used solely to record good things about your day. It’s also handy to jot down good things about a situation that is not ideal (your job, a relationship, etc). Pick any topic and find five good things about it.

New Recipe Card Printable Set

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A customer recently suggested using my little birdies  for a Printable Recipe Card Set.  Thanks Carly!

Now available in the shop.

Set includes: Lined Recipe Cards, Unlined Recipe Cards, Mini File Folder and Gift Tags

Set includes: Lined Recipe Cards, Unlined Recipe Cards, Mini File Folder and Gift Tags

Next week I will have a happy, free download for you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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